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Toronto. Global Press (a division of Canada Publishing Corporation). 1987. 720pp. paper. ISBN 0-7715-3992-4 (cloth) $16.95. 0-7715-3993-2 (paper) $8.95. Distributed by Canada Publishing Corporation, 162 Commander Blvd.. Agincourt, Ont. M1S 3C7.

Grades 5 and up
Reviewed by P.J. Hammel

Volume 16 Number 4
1988 July

Because of the admitted similarity of The Canadian World Almanac to the World Almanac, a comparison of the 1988 editions would be appropriate. Fourteen of the nineteen new features in the Canadian Almanac have no relation to the World Almanac. Both have new articles on AIDS, but they are quite dissimilar. The information about the world's largest banks is drawn from different sources. The Canadian Almanac quotes a British source, whereas the other quotes an American source.

The new obituaries section is obviously taken from the World Almanac, but some changes are made. For example, in the A section one Canadian name is added; in the B's some U.S. names are omitted; in the C's some U.S. entries are dropped and three Canadian names are added.

A sampling of the sports sections helps to illustrate further the dependence on the World Almanac: information on the Olympic Games is identical, although re-arranged; in the hockey section, although a minimal amount is similar, the Canadian Almanac focuses in greater detail on Canadian teams, personalities and records; the basketball information is taken directly, although reduced in quantity; the baseball sections, except for the emphasis on the two Canadian professional teams, are identical. Generally, information about the world beyond Canada is taken from the World Almanac, although the significant number of references to other sources would indicate some differences.

Canadian World Almanac and Book of Facts does a commendable job in providing Canadian information not readily available elsewhere. At the elementary level, it can probably provide for curricular needs at both the Canadian and world levels. At the high school level it should be supplemented by the World Almanac and Book of Facts (for its detailed information on the United States) and Whitaker's Almanack (for its European orientation).

P.J. Hammel, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Sask.
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