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Edited by David Helwig and Maggie Helwig.
Ottawa, Oberon Press, 1987. 160pp. paper. ISBN 0-88750-677-1 (cloth) $25.95, 0-88750-679-8 (paper) $12.95.

Reviewed by E.G. Robson

Volume 16 Number 4
1988 July

Coming Attractions has introduced new writers for the past five years. This edition presents nine stories by three writersóCharles Foran, Patricia Bradbury and Cynthia Holz.

Charles Foran, born in Toronto and living in New York State after two years in Ireland, writes about a Canadian student's demise in Ireland. The touching story of "The Boat People" is told from his, hers, and the cat's points of view. The first piece in the volume is based on the memories of a woman while she nurses a drunken stranger at a party.

Patricia Bradbury, born in Montreal and living in Toronto, writes two stories about travelers. Her third story is an interesting insight into a displaced family, which includes two very different brothers. Cynthia Holz, born in the Bronx and living in Toronto, contributes two stories about dissatisfied life in apartment buildings. Her third story focuses on a Jewish father's changing stories about the Holocaust.

The format of this book is poor there is a one-page introduction, no table of contents, no index and almost no background on the authors or the stories.

Since Canadian literature has a strong tradition of short stories, this collection has a place in libraries that wish to, keep current and to introduce new writers. This small volume is an unusual collection of stories that could be used in senior Canadian literature courses, but it is not an essential purchase.

E.G. Robson, Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute, Scarborough, Ont.
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