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Martyn Godfrey.
Toronto, ON: Collier Macmillan, 1987.
88pp., paper, $5.50.
ISBN 02-953499-2. Series 2000. CIP.

Subject Headings:
Robots-Juvenile fiction.
High interest-low vocabulary books.

Grades 4-8 / Ages 9-13

Reviewed by Stan Newman.

Volume 16 Number 4
1988 July

This is another in the "Series 2000" for graduates of the "Series Canada" group of high interest / low vocabulary novels that my students have enjoyed for a long time. Although the older, larger books self-destructed after a few readings, these smaller novels seem to be made of sturdier stuff.

Martyn Godfrey has written for this series before, but I had only read Vandarian Incident ¹, which I liked as much as the children did.

More than Weird opens with Cory Johnson and his buddy Chuck sitting in the high school cafeteria in Dawson Creek. They notice a very beautiful girl, dressed in jeans and a halter top on a frigid day, approaching from outside. She enters, ignores the rest of the kids, including handsome, popular Chuck (in fact she lifts him out of her way) and focuses her attention on Cory, saying she wants him. They go out to Cory's beat-up Datsun, and on a ride to a secluded spot (for purposes of further conversation, but Cory is expecting more) she tells him that he has been chosen, because he is so average, to be taken to the future. The girl, Susie, is from 550 years beyond and is a robot. Gradually Cory becomes convinced of this, and he tries to run away from her. The rest of the very short and easily read story tells of his attempts and final victory.

There isn't time to develop much in the way of the character of the protagonist. Godfrey, however, knows what the students want, and the action is fast paced. I recommend this novel very highly.

Stan Newman, Murray Centennial P.S., Trenton, ON.

¹ Reviewed vol.X/l 1982, p.17.

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