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Asch, Frank.

Toronto, Kids Can Press, c1985. unpaged, paper, laminated, $4.95, ISBN 0-919964-68-0. CIP


Asch, Frank.

Toronto, Kids Can Press, c1985. unpaged, paper, laminated. $4.95, ISBN 0-919964-69-9. CIP

Pre-School-Grade 1
Reviewed by Maureen Pammett

Volume 14 Number 2
1986 March

By the author of such children's books as Happy Birthday Moon (Prentice-Hall, 1982), these two volumes are simple and colourful, utilizing a creative idea. Each book is 20.3 cm X 30.5 cm. Through each page is a circular hole, 10 cm. in diameter, where the face of each animal should be. This hole is large enough for a child to look through and become the animal pictured. For very young children and for the very beginning reader, these could be useful and fun. The illustrations are clear, uncomplicated, and stereotypical. Backgrounds are completely plain blue and so provide no distractions for the young child. The text is in large primary type on a clear green background. In / Can Roar, the cover is a lion with the text, "I can roar like a lion." Each page begins with "I can. . .," e.g., "I can oink like a pig," "I can baa like a sheep," "I can quack like a duck." In / Can Blink, the cover is an owl with the text, "I can blink like an owl." Other pages cover such animals as "I can snap like a turtle," "I can chew like a cow," and "I can stick out my tongue like a snake."

Because of the very simple format of these books, teachers will welcome them as models. Children would love to add their own pages and to learn the words to print at the bottom of the illustration. The pattern set up by the text on each page encourages the beginning reader to read it all by her/himself. Useful creative play can also be developed using these colourful pages. Because these books encourage child participation in a way not usual in books for toddlers and beginning readers, these are recommended for parents to purchase and for gift-giving to the young child. In addition, for the same reasons, they are well worth considering for both school and public libraries.

Maureen Pammett, Bridgenorth, Ont.
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