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Ingram, Jay
Illustrated by Tina Holdcroft Toronto, Greey de Pencier, 1992. 48pp, paper, $9.95, ISBN 0-929775-87-X. Distributed by Firefly Books. CIP

Grades 3 to 8/Ages 8 to 13

Reviewed by Pat Steenbergen

Volume 21 Number 2
1993 March

Jay Ingram is well known to adults as the host for many years of "Quirks and Quarks" on CBC Radio and as the author of The Science of Even/day Life (Viking, 1989) and most recently Talk (Viking, 1992).

This attractive book covers twenty topics with a two-page spread for each. The topics are introduced by a photograph and short biographical sketch of a working Canadian scientist. For each there is also an experiment or activity suggested by the scientist to illustrate his or her particular area of research. As well as including a wide variety of scientists and making their work accessible to children, Ingram has included a good proportion of women scientists.

Kids are not aware in their daily lives of the work scientists do and the fields available for careers in science. The association in this book of real people at work in science with experiments kids can perform will be invaluable in making science come alive as a viable option for interesting careers. For example, kids may have learned from books like You Won't Believe Your Eyes' why they can't see well under water without goggles (our eyes need air in front of the lens in order to focus}. In this book, they meet a scientist who is using this aspect of vision to study diving birds and other animals who need to be able to see both in air and under water to capture their food. No goggles for mergansers, so how do they adapt?

The book concludes with brief descriptions of each scientist's most recent work and where it is being conducted. There is also an index.

Recommended for school and public libraries.

Pat Steenbergen is a job-sharing librarian in the Professional Library for the staff of the Board of Education for the City of York in Toronto. Ontario
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