RCFFN Special Prize Recipients
RCFFN would like to congratulate all the budding scientists who participated in this year’s Manitoba Schools Science Symposium (MSSS). The MSSS is held the last week of April at the University of Manitoba, and is the largest annual science event in Manitoba hosting over 550 students from grades 4 – 12.This year, RCFFN presented their Special Award to 3 outstanding scientists in both the Junior and Senior Categories.

Anthony Duan and Esther Lam, Acadia Junior High School, won the Special Award for their project, “Effects of Cooking on Anti-bacterial Properties of Garlic.” Anthony and Esther compared different heat treatments on the anti-bacterial properties of garlic. They found that frying inhibited bacterial growth more than boiling.

Junior 2014

Dareen El-Sayed, Kelvin High School, took home the Special Award for her project, “The Anti-Diabetic Activity of Hulled Hemp Seeds Through the Inhibition of α-Glucosidase. Dareen’s project identified the anti-diabetic activity found in a compound present in hemp seeds. She also investigated how to extract this compound and aims to identify this component in future research due to its potential health benefits.