About the Collection
The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) houses the largest collection of materials on the history and impact of the Residential School System and includes one of the largest collections of oral history in the country.  

The collection consists of materials from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC), the Government of Canada, Survivors and the Churches.

Much of the material in the collection is heart wrenching. Please treat yourself gently and be aware of your emotions as you read, watch and listen. Take breaks if you need to.

Crisis Support is available for Survivors and members of their families.

But also contained in this collection are incredible stories of resilience, and commitments to Reconciliation by people from all walks of life. Be inspired! Learn from the courage, vision and determination of those who resisted the effects and harms caused by the Residential School System.

The collection contains:

From the TRC

• Footage from TRC public events – national events, regional events and community hearings
• Apologies and Expressions of Reconciliation
• TRC reports and publications
• The TRC’s research collection

From Survivors

• Thousands of hours of Survivor statements
• Art
• Poems
• Music
• Physical items

From the Government of Canada

Millions of records from federal departments and from Library and Archives Canada including:

• Records detailing how the schools were created and run
• School admissions
• School histories
• Administration records
• Photographs
• Maps, plans and drawings

From the Churches

• Student records
• Photographs
• School newsletters
• Cemetery records
• Religious records
• Administrative records

In keeping with Privacy and Access laws and protocols established by the NCTR Governing Circle on access and use, the NCTR will make the collection available as soon as possible. 

As it matures, the collection will expand beyond the core residential school collection to include other valuable collections of Aboriginal documentary history. OUR FUTURE