I invite you to discuss with me your own ideas and research projects and to consider applying to work with the research centre toward shared goals. 

There are a few things that I should stress. The CRC research program derives from a strong base in postcolonial cultural studies as they are developing a dialogue with the interdisciplinary fields of cultural studies and globalization studies. These dialogues span the disciplines within the faculty of Arts and beyond.  I have designed the Canada Research Chair 7 year program under broad rubrics that welcome collaboration. Within the funding and operational limits that I have described above, there are real opportunities for working together in the future.

Secondly, neither my Chair nor the Centre are funding bodies. The Centre has no budget or paid staff. Furthermore requests to pay for visiting speakers fall outside my mandate. The CRC funds are meant to fund an ongoing research program aimed toward producing publication results and developing research intensivity. The idea is to build strengths through a coherent program of research not to organize ad hoc events of an ephemeral nature. There is potential for the Chair through the Research Centre to enable greater focus, facilitating communication across units and developing a purposeful program of staged research that can strategically employ CRC seed funding to leverage further outside funding and lead to publication in refereed publications in traditional and non-traditional formats.

As noted in the section of this site on facilities, the Research Centre must operate as a lab to facilitate and develop some aspects of the Chair's research program in collaboration with the Chair. Now that the videoconferencing facilities are in place, they should facilitate more intensive research collaboration across distances without expensive and environment-destroying travel.

Diana Brydon
Canada Resarch Chair in Globalization and Cultural Studies