The Centre for Globalization and Cultural Studies provides a venue and an organizational structure for pulling together disciplinary and interdisciplinary research in the fields of globalization and cultural studies.

The Objectives of the Centre are: to advance research on globalization and culture within a Canadian-based international dialogue that involves collaborative, interdisciplinary investigation drawing on the strengths of humanities and social science perspectives and methodologies.

Centre facilities are maintained for the use of associates with these purposes:

  • to provide students with research fellowships that would enable them to advance their work within collaborative and interdisciplinary settings, including attendance at such a centre 
  • to promote cross-disciplinary campus-wide collaboration
  • to advance city-wide collaboration
  • to build regional, national and international networks
  • to move beyond networking to develop team research projects at various levels
  • to publish research results in a variety of open access formats for a variety of audiences
  • to harness our local and national fundraising initiatives in support of further research, training and outreach projects

These activities will be designed:

  • to promote a deeper engagement with research questions
  • to develop a more profound understanding of how globalization, local culture and global cultures interact
  • to strengthen Canadian perspectives on globalization and culture
  • to advance the training and mentoring of students and colleagues at every level (from undergraduate through graduate to postdoctoral and pre-tenure)
  • to promote broader public awareness of the issues arising around globalization and culture and the implications of different policy initiatives that might be taken in relation to them.