This laboratory consists of an office (100 sq ft), 500 sq ft of laboratory space and an adjoining laboratory. The laboratory in the Centre was recently renovated through funding from the Dean of Medicine’s Indirect Costs of Research Program and is fully equipped to carry out the research work.

In addition to the Centre's laboratory, each member of the Centre (currently members of the Lipid, Lipoprotein and Atherosclerosis Research Group) has his/her own research laboratory located in the Bannatyne Campus. Each lab oratory is adequately funded by national or provincial agencies and fully-equipped to carry out the research work of the individual member.

The Lipid Research Group maintains a small library of relevant literature in the Lipid Clinic. The library is open to the public. Books and reading materials in this library are donated by group members and pharmaceutical companies. In addition, members have access to the Neil John Maclean library.






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