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CHERD Online Course Schedule 2016-17
The Centre for Higher Education Research and Development (CHERD) is offering the following web-based courses for the 2016-17 academic year.

2016-17 Fall Schedule

Effective Communications (CUCA Group A and LOA Group B)

September 19  Oct 7

The Effective Communications course will enable you to gain a better understanding of the oral communication process and how it impacts on your professional relationships and success. You will explore techniques to develop pertinent audience centered messages and gain insight on how to deliver them while minimizing misunderstandings and avoiding conflict.

Financial Management and Budgeting (CUCA Core)

Oct   17 – November 4   

Become a better informed decision-maker and manager with the tools to prepare and deal confidently with budgets and financial projections.

Powerful Communications Through Writing (CUCA Core)

November 21 – Dec 9   

Build critical editing and revising skills to produce effective text, from email to program proposals.

Aboriginal Students and the Post-Secondary Journey (LOA Group B and CUCA Group B)

November 14 – December 2 

Develop a clearer, informed understanding of challenges that Aboriginal students may face and provide an opportunity to develop relationships or environments that create or enhance their student success in PSE.

Technological Implications: Insights into Higher Education Information Technology (CUCA Group C)

November 22 – Dec 9

This course will provide you with a forum in which to explore how to more effectively understand and manage the current technologies at your institution, and how to plan for the advantages and benefits that technologies will provide into the future.

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