Senior University Administrators Course (SUAC)
The Senior University Administrators Course (SUAC) offered through the Centre for Higher Education Research and Development (CHERD) is an advanced management course for experienced administrators responsible for making institutional policy. The curriculum examines legal issues and institutional policies, power and influence in the organization, restructuring issues, resource management, negotiation and conflict management, and the changing leadership role.

There is no comparable experience for Canadian senior university administrators. SUAC’s rich mixture of participants and course leaders from various institutional, disciplinary and professional backgrounds presents a unique opportunity. Immersed in the Canadian university context, participants work on topics of common interest, sharing insights and experiences and developing new approaches to their own problems.

This program has been part of the tradition of higher education administration for over 25 years and has been redeveloped for the 2015 offering. It embraces a more integrated approach to the multi-faceted programs confronting today's university leaders. It is committed to active learning, taking full advantage of the wealth of skills and experience that participants and course leaders bring to the program.

SUAC is an advanced program for senior post-secondary leaders with significant responsibility for strategy and policy matters. Individuals with senior decision-making responsibilities in both academic and professional roles are accepted, including:

  • presidents, rectors and principals
  • provosts, vice-presidents and associate vice-presidents
  • deans
  • registrars, chief librarians and senior directors of services

Upcoming sessions of SUAC:

  • June 12-19, 2015 - (White Oaks Resort, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON) Fee: $5,725 CAD
    *CHERD is still accepting registrations for the 2015 SUAC Program*

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Past Participants' Comments

"Every new Dean should be required to take this course."

"SUAC fulfilled all of my requirements – leadership training, an opportunity to network with colleagues from across the country, and a chance to reenergize and remind myself about the importance of the work that I do."

"Sound leadership is best learned through example and shared wisdom. SUAC provides both."

"Working at post-secondary institutions is all about relationships. SUAC provides both content and understanding more relationships. Highly recommended!"







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