Useful Online Resources
Canadian Military and Related Sites
Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces:
Veterans Affairs Canada:
Communications Security Establishment:
Ombudsman, National Defence and Canadian Forces:
Royal Military College of Canada:
Royal Military College - Saint Jean:
Canadian Forces College:
Canadian Naval Review:
Canadian Military Journal:
Vanguard Magazine:
Spotlight on Military News and International Affairs:
Defence Research and Development Canada:
Canadian Government Sites
Government of Canada:
Indigenous and Northern Development Canada:
Canadian Border Services Agency:
Canadian Heritage:
Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD):
Department of Justice:
Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS):
Elections Canada:
Environment and Climate Change Canada:
Department of Finance Canada:
Fisheries and Oceans Canada:
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada:
Intergovernmental Affairs:
Natural Resources Canada:
Prime Minister’s Office:
Public Safety Canada:
Royal Canadian Mounted Police:
Security Intelligence Review Committee:
Statistics Canada:
Status of Women Canada:
Supreme Court of Canada:
Western Economic Diversification Canada:


United States Government Sites


The White House:
U.S. Congress:
U.S. Department of State:
U.S. Government Departments and Agencies:
U.S. Department of Defense:
U.S. Army Foreign Military Studies Office:
National Defense University:
National Security Agency:
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA):
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI):
Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA):
Other Useful Sites
The Defense Strategy Review Page:
Europa (European Union):
Government of Russia:
Radio Free Europe:
Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies:
U.S. Government Resources (University of Michigan Library):
United Nations:
Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe:
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development:
Humanity in the Midst of War:
International Relations and Security Network (Switerland):
Project on Defense Alternatives:
Air War College Internet Resources:
Military Terms Database:
International Committee of the Red Cross: