CDSS Publications
  The Centre for Defence and Security Studies publishes a wide range of articles and books. When materaisl are available online, links are made available below. Some materials are available directly on our website, and are marked with Available on CDSS

Ivanovski, Hristijan. May 2019. CSIS, CSE & CFINTCOM: The Pearls of Canada’s Security and Intelligence Establishment.

Charron, Andrea and Jim Fergusson. February 2019. NORAD: Beyond Modernization. ☑Available on CDSS.

Collins, Jeffrey F. Canada's Performance on Defence Leaves Much Room for Imrpovement: New MLI Defence Policy Report Card. McDonald Laurier Institute.

Charron, Andrea, and Jane Boulden. October 2018. The Role of Nonpermanent Members of the UN Security: A Lessons Learned Workshop, Summary of Findings. Available on CDSS.

Charron, Andrea and James Fergusson. September 2018. Arctic Sovereignty: Preoccupation vs. Homeland Governance and Defence. Canadian Global Affairs Institute.

Collins, Jeffrey F. and Andrew Futter. Deciding on a Canadian approach to missile defence. iPolitics.

Collins, Jeffrey F. Overwhelming Majority of Experts Say Canada should pariticipate in Missile Defence. McDonald Laurier Institute

Collins, Jeffrey F. Overwhelming Majority of Experts Say Canada should pariticipate in Missile Defence. McDonald Laurier Institute

Collins, Jeffrey F. and Andrea Lane. Why Canada needs a new supply ship for relief missions. Policy Options.

Charron, Andrea and James Fergusson. May 2018. From NORAD to NOR[A]D: The Future Evolution of North American Defence Co-operation. Canadian Global Affairs Institute.

Collins, Jeffrey F. Trudeau’s UN pledge broke a promise he never should have made. iPolitics.

Charron, Andrea. September 2017. NATO, Canada and the Arctic. Canadian Global Affairs Institute.

Charron, Andrea. February 2017. “North America and the Defence of National Interests” in The Strategic Outlook for Canada 2017, David McDonough and Charles Davies (eds). 15-22. Ottawa: CDA Institute. Found at

Charron, Andrea and Paul Aseltine. December 2016. Calling a Spade a Spade: Canada’s Use of Sanctions, Calgary: Canadian Global Affairs, Institute.  Found at

Charron, Andrea, Francesco Giumelli and Clara Portela. 2015. “The United States and Targeted Sanctions”, International Affairs, 91(6): 1335-1337.

Charron, Andrea and Clara Portela. 2015. “The UN, Regional Sanctions and Africa”, International Affairs, 91(6):1369-1385.

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Charron, Andrea. 2016. “Arctic Security: Keeping NATO Out, Russia and China Down, and the United States In”, in Beyond Afghanistan, Jim Fergusson and Francis Furtado (eds) 97-109. Vancouver: UBC Press.