This report captures the findings of a virtual workshop which divided participants into three separate breakout rooms - Defence and Strategic Planning, NORAD Modernization, and the Five Eyes (FVEY) – which were led by established experts in these fields. The trend toward join all domain awareness and command and control  (JADC2) is to achieve "connected" battlespaces.  

JADC2 involves the cross-service integration of sensors, shooters and data assets to create an enterprise-level defence network. This network is envisioned to be built on joint command structures that facilitate cross-force information flows and enhanced situational awareness. Key to this is the introduction of centralized control for joint decision-making while promoting decentralized execution.

Establishing a successful program will depend on alignment in three areas: intention, coherent programs and resources. Intention involves the release of a high-level political declaration mandating organizational units to make joint-force development a priority. It also depends on consistent programming that promotes “top down” control and “bottom up” innovation. The last element, resources, involves authorizing procurement agents to spend on individual programs and deliverables with increased flexibility.