Lasha Tchantouridze
Lasha Tchantouridzé (PhD, Queen's 2001)

My primary research interests lay within foreign and defence policy analysis of both small (Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Canada), and great powers (the USA, Russia). I study various aspects of foreign policy, from decision-making to strategic considerations, in order to find out how sets of foreign policy interactions shape international order and affect the international system.


Selected Recent Publications

“Globalization of Regional Conflicts: A Future War for the Upper Karabakh,” Central Asia and the Caucasus (Sweden), No. 6 (60), fall 2009.
"It Does not Take a Prophet: War and Peace in the Caucasus," Central Asia and the Caucasus (Sweden), No. 1 (55), winter 2009.
"American Foreign Policy and Great Power Rivalry in the Caspian Region," Current Politics and Economics of the Caucasus Region, Vol. 2, #2, 2009.
“Eurasia, Geopolitics, and American Foreign Policy,” Central Asia and the Caucasus, No. 5 (53), fall 2008..
“On the Special Presidential Elections in Georgia,” Central Asia and the Caucasus Journal of Social and Political Studies, Sweden, No 1 (49), winter 2008.
“Teaching Donkey to Talk: Nukes and Theology in Tehran-Washington Discourse,” Innovative Issues and Approaches in Social Sciences (IIASS), Slovenia, Volume 1, Number 1, winter 2008.
“Three Colours of War: Iranian, Russian, and Turkish Military Threat to the Caucasus,” The Caucasus Review of International Affairs, Germany, Volume 2, Number 1, winter 2008. 
“Will Georgia Go North? On Democracy and Regional Security in the Caucasus,” Insight Turkey, Vol. 9, No. 4, winter 2007-2008. 
“Up from the Montreux: Submarines for Georgia, and NATO’s Future in the Black Sea,” Central Asia and the Caucasus Journal of Social and Political Studies, No. 4 (46), summer 2007.
“Kyrgyzstan at a Crossroads: Facing Economic Causes of the Tulip Revolution,” Central Asia and the Caucasus Journal of Social and Political Studies, No 4 (40) summer 2006. 
“The IMF in Georgia: Evaluating the Fund’s Unique Perspective of Economic Success,” Central Asia and Caucasus Journal of Social and Political Studies, No 6 (36), fall 2005.

University of Manitoba Department of Political Studies Courses  

Strategic Studies, POLS 4730
Government, Politics, and Society in Ukraine, POLS 3720
Research Methods in the Study of Politics, POLS 3950
International Security and Conflict Management, POLS 3200
Introduction to International Relations, POLS 2040
Canadian Foreign and Defence Policy, POLS 3520
Globalization and the World Economy, POLS 3200
International Political Economy, POLS 3250
Ideology, Propaganda, and Politics, POLS 3150
Politics of International Regions, POLS 4530
Russian Politics, POLS 4160
Comparative Foreign Policy, POLS 3880

University of Regina International Studies Program

The Middle East in the Global System, INTL 390AA
European Studies, ES 400

The International College of Manitoba (ICM)

Global Political Issues, POLS 1040

University of Winnipeg Department of Politics Courses 

Topics in Human Security, 41.3130
Introduction to Politics, 41.1011
Canada in International Affairs, 41.3113/3-001
Gender & Global Politics, 41.3115/3-001 

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Associate Professor and Program Director
MA in Diplomacy
Norwich University
Northfield, VT