Dr. I.M. Lobo de Souza
Associate Professor, International Relations Federal University of Paraiba
- International Law and Security
Telephone: +55 83 3216-7451
Email: ielbolobo@ccsa.ufpb.br

Dr. Souza is Associate Professor in the Department of International Relations at the Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil. He has LL.B. and M.A. degrees from the University of Brasilia and earned his PhD in International Law at the University of London in 1993. A former Chevening Scholar (FCO, UK), Dr. Souza has participated as Researcher in the Chair UNESCO on Human Rights and Violence, and co-chaired the research line “Globalization and Human Rights” within GEDIM – Globalization and economic rights in Mercosul, a project of the MOST-UNESCO Program. He has published two books and 22 academic articles and book chapters. His research interests include the international legal responses to the use of force by non-State actors, human rights and international humanitarian law, and international peace and security.