David Gordon
David Gordon is a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto (Political Science) with a specialization in International Relations, Environmental Governance, and Urban Politics. His dissertation looks at how cities, through participation in voluntary inter-city networks operating in the shadows of an inter-state process that has effectively stalled, are engaging in the global governance of climate change. Drawing on network theory, heterodox approaches to power and influence, and the literature on norm diffusion, the project aims to develop tools to better understand the dynamics, potential, and limitations of this phenomenon. David has also conducted comparative research and published on climate governance in federal states, conducted research for the UNDP on community-based adaptation, and is participating in a multi-university project exploring the development and evolution of carbon markets around the world. Prior to pursuing a PhD, David completed a Masters of Arts (Political Studies) and Bachelor of Commerce, both at the University of Manitoba, and was co-founder and managing director for six years of a mid-size website development and marketing firm located in Winnipeg, MB.