Dr. Andrea Charron
Room 348 University College
University of Manitoba

Dr. Andrea Charron holds a PhD from the Royal Military College of Canada (Department of War Studies). She obtained a Masters in International Relations from Webster University, Leiden, The Netherlands, a Master's of Public Administration from Dalhousie University and a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from Queen's University. Dr. Charron worked for various federal departments including the Privy Council Office in the Security and Intelligence Secretariat. She completed her post doctorate at Carleton's Norman Paterson School of International Affairs and is now Associate Professor and Director of the Centre for Defence and Security Studies (CDSS) at the University of Manitoba. Dr. Charron has written extensively on the Arctic, NORAD, Canadian Defence Policy and the Security Council.  She is a member of DND’s Advisory Board and is asked regularly to provide guest lectures at Canadian Forces College and to provide testimony to Senate and House of Commons' committees.

Select Publications:

Charron, Andrea. 2018. “The Solidification of the Arctic Sovereignty Meme: Assessing Harper’s Arctic Foreign Policy”, in The Stephen Harper Years and Canadian Foreign Policy, Peter McKenna (ed) Queen’s/McGill University Press. Forthcoming.

Charron, Andrea. 2018. “The United Nations and Trudeau’s quest for a Security Council seat – Liberal Destiny, national interests, a foil to Harper or none of the above?” Canada Among Nations (forthcoming).
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Charron, Andrea. 2017. “The Defence of Canada and North America: A Review of the New Canadian Defence Policy Strong, Secure and Engaged” in the CDA Institute Blog (July). http://cdainstitute.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/CDA-Institute-Analysis-Charron-July-2017.pdf

Charron, Andrea. 2017. “Canada and the Arctic: Part 2” in the CDA Institute Blog (10 May). Found at http://cdainstitute.ca/andrea-charron-canada-and-the-arctic-part-2/

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Charron, Andrea and Meredith Lilly. 2017. “More sanctions is the wrong tool for human rights protection”, Policy Options (16 February).  http://policyoptions.irpp.org/magazines/february-2017/more-sanctions-is-the-wrong-tool-for-human-rights-protection/

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