Call for Aboriginal Writers

I am looking for someone to write a realistic fiction novel (about 25,000-30,000 words long) that raises some of the issues surrounding aboriginal gang life in Saskatchewan.

The book would be part of a series that we publish called SideStreets, which are issue-based novels for Canadian teens. The books in the series are based on real issues that teens are facing and written from experience or from research conducted by the author.

We offer an advance against royalties of $1000 and our contract terms are 8% of net on educational sales (schools, libraries) and 8% of list on trade sales (bookstores). The selling price of the book is $9.95 paperback, $16.95 hardcover. Authors usually earn out their advances after the first year. Because the series is ongoing, sales grow over time as we continuously promote our backlist each season. As well, we have sold translation rights to some of the titles, for which the author receives 50% of whatever the publisher gets for the sale.

Here is a link to the series on our website. I would love to have more books written by Saskatchewan authors. We also publish a sports fiction series for younger readers (ages 10-13). We’re always looking for new writers to contribute hockey, soccer, and basketball stories to that collection, and even better if the characters are from diverse cultural backgrounds.

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