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Aging-related courses at the University of Manitoba

Although the Centre on Aging is not a teaching unit, the Centre historically has taken an active role in facilitating the development of gerontological programs at the University. Graduate students continue to be involved in many of the research projects at the Centre, researchers teach within their own departments, and students use the Centre databases for their theses and dissertations.

In 2016, the Centre contacted Research Affiliates to determine what undergraduate and graduate-level courses at the University of Manitoba have aging-related content. The following is a list of courses with some aging-related content. Aging content varies from a single to multiple lectures; assignments related to aging is dependant on the course requirements.

NOTE: Students intending to register for courses should consult with their supervisor or academic advisor, in addition to checking the departmental guidelines to determine if they are eligible to take the course or if they meet the necessary prerequisites. Courses may be open only to students in a specific department.

For more information on these courses and when courses are offered, interested students can view the course descriptions in Aurora.

Faculty of Arts

Department of Psychology

Undergraduate courses

  • PSYC 2490 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSYC 3070 Adult Development
  • PSYC 3490 Individual Differences
  • PSYC 3610 Memory
  • PSYC 4540/7310 Contemporary issues 1: The psychology of health and aging

Graduate level courses

  • PSYC 4540/7310 Contemporary issues 1: The psychology of health and aging
  • PSYC 7340 Sensory Processes 1
  • PSYC 8050 Human Brain Functions

Department of Sociology

Undergraduate courses

  • SOC 2490 Sociology of Health and Illness
  • SOC 2450 Sociology of the Body
  • SOC 2620 Sociology of Aging

Graduate level course

SOC 7370: Selected Topics in Health: Deviance, Medicalization, and Social Control 

Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Department of Human Nutritional Sciences

Undergraduate courses

  • HNSC 4310 Nutrition and the Elderly
  • HNSC 4362 Nutrition Option Practicum

Faculty of Health Sciences

College of Medicine, Department of Community Health Sciences

  • CHSC 7400 Science and Practice of Knowledge Translation in Health Research
  • CHSC 7610 Topics in the Design and Analysis of Cohort Studies
  • *CHSC 7710 Social aspects of aging
  • *CHSC 7720 Health and aging

Note: *these two courses are required for students intending to take the Graduate Specialization in Aging, as well as the additional certificate requirements. Permission is required by the course instructor to register in these courses.

Department of Community Health Sciences, Family Social Sciences Program

Undergraduate courses

  • HMEC 2650/SWRK 2650/REC 2650  Social Aspects of Aging
  • FMLY 3220   Death and the Family
  • FMLY 3240   Families in the Later Years
  • FMLY 4220   Aging and Social Aspects of Risk in a Global Context

Graduate level courses

FMLY 7710 Health and Wellbeing in Developmental Disabilities

College of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics

  • PHAC 7212 Clinical Trial Design
  • PHAC 7214 Clinical Trial Design
  • PHAC 7132 Pharmacology
  • PHAC 7134 Pharmacology

College of Nursing

Undergraduate courses

  • NURS 2200 Selected Topics in Aging and Health
  • NURS 3330 Women and Health
  • NURS 3400 Men’s Health: Concerns, Issues and Myths

Graduate level courses

College of Rehabilitation Sciences

  • PT 7150 Integrated Practice for Cardiorespiratory and Neurological Conditions
  • REHB 7180 Readings in Rehabilitation
  • REHB 7230 Independent Study
  • REHB 7260 Assistive Technology

Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management

Undergraduate courses

  • *HMEC 2650/SWRK 2650/ REC 2650  Social Aspects of Aging
  • *NURS 2610/KIN 2610 Health and Physical Aspects of Aging
  • REC 4250   Leisure Services for the Aging
  • KIN 4500   Physical Activity & Aging
  • KIN 4560 Advanced Fitness Appraisal and Lifestyle Counseling

Note: *these two courses are required for students intending to take the Option in Aging, as well as the additional requirements.

Graduate level courses

PHED 7160 Special Topics—Aging and Physical Activity

Faculty of Social Work

Graduate level courses

  • SWRK 7610 The Social Work Profession
  • SWRK 8100 Social Work Past and Present

Disability Studies

Graduate level courses

DS 7040 Selected Topics in Disability Studies: Healthy/Active Aging and Disability