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The Graduate Specialization in Aging was established at the University of Manitoba in 2007 and is administered by the Centre on Aging. Listed are the students who have successfully met the requirements for the certificate.

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2018 Daniel Saltel
Examining the effect of a simple memory tool
Advisor: Dr. Verena Menec (Research Affiliate); Committee members: Dr. Shahin Shooshtari, Dr. Jason Leboe-McGowan (Research Affiliates)

Megan Siemens
The Effects of Age on Featural and Geometric Cue Use During Reorientation in an Immersive Virtual Reality Environment
Advisor: Dr. Debbie M. Kelly (Research Affiliate); Committee member: Dr. Michelle M. Porter (Research Affiliate) 

Brandy Stadnyk
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”: Key factors facilitating an organizational culture and environment to prevent pressure injuries among older adults in health care facilities Advisor: Dr. Elaine Mordoch (Research Affiliate)

Kelsey Mann
The Association of Eating Assistance on Energy Intake of Long Term Care Residents with Cognitive Impairment: The Making the Most of Mealtimes Study (M3)
Advisor: Dr. Christina Lengyel (Research Affiliate); External member: Dr. Corey Mackenzie (Research Affiliate)



Erin Egan
Coping with diabetes: assessment and group work with older adults in primary care
Advisor: Dr. Hai Luo (Research Affiliate)

Amanda Gravelle
Factors associated with eating assistance among long-term care residents: a making the most of mealtimes (M3) analysis
Advisor: Dr. Christina Lengyel (Research Affiliate)

Brittany Sieradzki
Addressing the strengths and gaps in education and training for long term care staff who provide direct care to individuals living with dementia
Advisor: Dr. Kerstin Roger (Research Affiliate)


Joshua McCullough
Analysis of the creation of a Suicide Risk Assessment and Management Plan for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s Long Term Care Program
Advisor: Dr. Don Fuchs (Research Affiliate)

Eun Kyeong Do
Filial piety obligations and the lived experience of Korean female caregivers of aging parents-in-law in Canada
Advisor: Dr. Don Fuchs (Research Affiliate); Committee members: Dr. Verena Menec (Research Affiliate), Dr. Laura Taylor. (Research Affiliate)



Shauna Zinnick
Developing a taxonomy of health care aide tasks in a personal care home
Advisor: Dr. Malcolm Doupe (Research Affiliate); Committee member: Dr. Verena Menec (Research Affiliate) 

Catherine Bryden Dueck
Determining the Applicability of the Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP) as a Meta-Cognitive Rehabilitation Strategy for Individuals with Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson’s Disease
Advisor: Dr. Ruth Barclay (Research Affiliate); Committee member: Dr. Jacquie Ripat (Research Affiliate) 

Oksana Harasemiw
The relationship between social isolation, social support, and mental health
Advisor: Dr. Verena Menec (Research Affiliate); Committee members: Dr. Shahin Shooshtari and Dr. Corey Mackenzie (Research Affiliates)



Maryam Alshammari
Response shift in health-related quality of life in older men: The Manitoba follow-up study
Supervisor: Dr. Ruth Barclay (Research Affiliate); Committee members: Dr. Robert Tate and Donna Collins (Research Affiliates) 

Hai Luo
Strengthening social capital through residential environment development to support healthy aging: A mixed methods study of Chinese Canadian seniors in Winnipeg
Supervisor: Dr. Don Fuchs (Research Affiliate); Committee member: Dr. Verena Menec  (Research Affiliates)  

Mary Bertone
Oral health in long-term care: Improving the quality of life for older adults 



Angela Gentile
Feminist Narrative Therapy with Wife Caregivers of Husbands with Dementia
Supervisor: Dr. Don Fuchs (Research Affiliate) 

Michelle Di Antonio
Supervisor: Dr. Tuula Heinonen (Research Affiliate) 

Catherine Marshall
Body dissatisfaction, concerns about aging, and food choices of baby boomer and older women in Manitoba
Supervisor: Dr. Christina Lengyel (Research Affiliate) 

Shayla Welwood
University students perceptions of financial abuse of older adults
Supervisor: Dr. Kerstin Roger (Research Affiliate); Committee member: Dr. Laura Funk (Research Affiliate)



Althea Ambosta
Age-related changes in the use of visual cues for reorientation
Supervisor: Dr. Debbie Kelly (Research Affiliate) 

Jennifer McArthur
Social engagement as a predictor of health services use in baby-boomers and older adults
Supervisor: Dr. Verena Menec (Research Affiliate)
Committee members: Dr. Malcolm Doupe, Dr. Daniel Bailis, and Dr. Shahin Shooshtari (Research Affiliates)

Karla Reichert
An evaluation of the Winnipeg-based Alzheimer Society caregiver support groups
Committee member: Dr. Verena Menec  (Research Affiliate)

Alesa Sutherland
An ethnography of robotic cat therapy in a Manitoba care home
Committee member: Dr. Lorna Guse (Research Affiliate)

Joanne Scott
A social group work approach based on a narrative therapy approach to working with older women looking to make changes to their alcohol use, prescription drug use or gambling
Supervisor: Dr. Don Fuchs (Research Affiliate)



Kristina Zawaly
Examining the Relationship between Chronic Pain and Health Related Quality of Life Among Older Canadian Adults with Disability
Supervisor: Dr. Shahin Shooshtari (Research Affiliate) 


Phyllis Reid-Jarvis, RD, CDE
Pilot testing of the English as an additional language (EAL) nutrition toolkit with teachers of English as an additional language to immigrant senior and non-senior Canadians
Supervisor: Dr. Robert Tate (Research Affiliate) 



Jacqueline Bugera
Formulating a pasta sauce with added health benefits for the aging baby boomer population
Supervisor: Dr. Christina Lengyel (Research Affiliate)

Lindsay Carpentier
Animal assisted therapy in long term care with dementia patients
Supervisor: Dr. Don Fuchs (Research Affiliate)



Maria E. Baumgartner
Constructing meaning—A model for hospice design in rural Manitoba
Committee member: Dr. John Bond  (Research Affiliate)

Rebecca L. Raddatz
Towards an Age‐friendly city: Participation of senior-serving organizations in planning processes
Supervisor: Dr. Richard Milgrom (Research Affiliate); Committee member: Dr. Verena Menec (Research Affiliate)



Melissa Sitter
Nutritional status, eating habits, and nutrition attitudes of older adults relocating into a personal care home
Supervisor: Dr. Christina Lengyel (Research Affiliate) | Committee member: Dr. Pamela Hawranik (Research Affiliate)


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