Communications workshop

Reframing our views on aging

Thank you to all those who participated in one or both of our workshops on January 23.

About the workshops

Ageism is rampant across the world and has been identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a major issue facing older adults. For older adults to be fully valued by society and hence included socially, ageism needs to be overcome. Unfortunately, many ways that are currently used to communicate about aging might unknowingly have negative effects. Based on public opinion research and empirical testing, the FrameWorks Institute has developed a new toolkit for communicating about aging.

The afternoon session will be an opportunity for participants to identify and discuss situations where ageism exists. Participants will work in groups to strategize how to combat ageism in Manitoba.

Centre on Aging will host two workshops on January 23 focusing on communicating on aging and to discuss ageism in Manitoba 


The University of Manitoba is committed to achieving accessibility for those disabled by barriers. Please contact the Centre by email at or call 204-474-8754 in advance if you require any accessibility accommodations to participate.