Land Management
The University‘s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program employs a combination of physical, mechanical, cultural, behavioral, biological and chemical controls designed to manage ecosystems and pests to prevent problems from becoming uncontrollable, with the intent of minimizing chemical controls. As a result, the use of broadleaf pesticide for greenspace management was reduced from a high of approximately 260 litres to zero litres in 2013/14. Continued improvements to physical and mechanical turf management on campus will enable this to be reduced further, with a target of total elimination.

Additional General Services staff members with professional training in Arboriculture and Grounds Maintenance, are hired each season and are actively involved in the ongoing development and implementation of the IPM program. Wood chip mulch, produced on campus, is applied to flower and shrub beds and assists with weed control and moisture retention. A fall maintenance program for the beds has also been implemented.

Tree pruning efforts are not limited to hazard reduction but also include pruning for tree health. The health of the campus forest is improving and General Services has already reduced chemical pesticide use on all trees and shrubs.

The health of the campus turf is improving with the implementation of a new turf management program which involves aeration, fertilization and seeding with a variety that is disease and drought resistant.

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