Sustainable Food Systems Workshop

 In March 2015 Campus Food Strategy Group, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, Faculty of Arts, National Centre for Livestock & the Environment, Natural Resources Institute and the Office of Sustainability collaborated to host Sustainable Food Systems Workshop which brought students, faculty and staff from various disciplines together to discuss the food system at the University of Manitoba, build partnerships and collaborate to work on issues that impact the food system on campus. The Sustainable Food Systems Workshop report can be viewed here.

The University of Manitoba offers a wide range of sustainable food choices for students and staff and is actively engaged in work on sustainable food systems.

In 2014 the Office of Sustainability with input and support from the student-led Campus Food Strategy Group initiated a research project to assess objectively and report on the current state of food at the University. The resulting report – Food at the University of Manitoba – was released as a draft in March 2015, and was refined through feedback from the community before finalized. Both the draft and final version of the report are intended to support dialogue and action on food at the University, in support of University and University-community priorities.

Food and Curriculum 

The University of Manitoba offers courses that  focus on safe, healthy, just and sustainable food systems at the graduate or undergraduate levels. If you are interested in taking courses that explore these issues, this list may serve as a guide.  The courses represent a number of departments and disciplines, a variety of course levels,  minimum prerequisites and touch on at least two of the suggested areas of health, safety, justice and sustainability. The purpose of this list is to assist in the promotion of cross-departmental learning.

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University of Manitoba's Dining Services Offer Fair Trade Products

The University of Manitoba's Dining Services offer a large selection of Fair Trade coffees, teas and chocolates at the both the Fort Garry and Bannatyne campus locations.