Living Lab
Sustainability Research in Action

The Living Lab - Sustainability Research in Action (SRA) program connects University of Manitoba faculty, staff with students who are passionate about solving sustainability challenges on campus through research projects. The Office of Sustainability helps to coordinate these initiatives while providing a platform for the community to access the completed research. The SRA program promotes a culture of sustainable change through growth, education, and action.

How can you get involved?

Have a project in mind?
Do you have a project idea that could help solve a sustainability challenge on campus or research area that would benefit from the assistance of a student? Download the SRA Handbook for more information and contact the Office of Sustainability. Also, browse the SRA Library of completed projects to see if your project can build or act upon the results of past research projects. Once you contact us, we will ask you to fill out a Project Description Form to initiate your project idea. This is the first step in the lifecycle of an SRA project and can be undertaken by a student, faculty member, or staff person.

Need inspiration?
Are you a student looking to get involved with a project that is yet to be completed?  Browse our SRA Launch Pad for a list of project ideas that are actively seeking help or check out the SRA Library of completed research projects for some inspiration. You can also talk to a professor or instructor or contact the Office of Sustainability to talk about your interests. Once you have an idea, download the SRA Handbook for more information and contact us to get started.

Living Lab Launch Pad

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