Living Lab
Sustainability Research in Action

The Living Lab - Sustainability Research in Action (SRA) program connects University of Manitoba faculty, staff with students who are passionate about solving sustainability challenges on campus through research projects. The Office of Sustainability helps to coordinate these initiatives while providing a platform for the community to access the completed research. The SRA program promotes a culture of sustainable change through growth, education, and action.

How can you get involved?

Have a project in mind?
Do you have a project idea that could help solve a sustainability challenge on campus or research area that would benefit from the assistance of a student? Download the Living Lab Handbook for more information and contact the Office of Sustainability. Also, browse the Living Lab Library of completed projects to see if your project can build or act upon the results of past research projects. Once you contact us, we will ask you to fill out a Project Description Form to initiate your project idea. This is the first step in the lifecycle of an Living Lab project and can be undertaken by a student, faculty member, or staff person.

Need inspiration?
Are you a student looking to get involved with a project that is yet to be completed?  Browse our Living Lab Launch Pad for a list of project ideas that are actively seeking help or check out the Living Lab Library of completed research projects for some inspiration. You can also talk to a professor or instructor or contact the Office of Sustainability to talk about your interests. Once you have an idea, download the Living Lab Handbook for more information and contact us to get started.

Living Lab Launch Pad

 Title     Year      Staff      Categories     
 Energy Reduction Marketing Campaign     2017  OOS     
 Idle-Free Campus 2017     OOS     

 Bike Access and Bike Parking Needs

2017  OOS 
 Direct vs. Fair Trade 2017 OOS
 LEED Building Compliance     2017 OOS

Living Lab Library of Completed Projects

    Title                 Year      Author        Faculty  Course    Categories        
(re) Parking 2016


Architecture LARC 7400  
 Survey for

M. Withoos
et al. 

City Planning  N/A                

 Green Office

2016 A. Forsman
et al.
Environment  ENVR 3850  
 Light Pollution
2016 J. Demerchant
et al.
Environment  ENVR 3850  
 Telecommuting 2016 O. Abbit
et al.
Environment  ENVR 3850  
 Net Zero
2016 C. Seleius,
D. Lipinski
Environment  ENVR 3860  

 Climate Action

2016 A. Panesar
et al.
Environment ENVR 3860  
 Riparian Zone
2016 J. Milne Geography GEOG 3850
 Plan for UM 
 Bike Program
2016 M. Tran
et al.
Environment ENVR 3860  
 P2P Transport
2016 F. Gu
et al.
Environment ENVR 3860  
 Car Free
2016 A. Scott
et al.
Environment ENVR 3860  
 River Water
2016 C. Allison
et al.
Environment ENVR 3850
 Adapting to
2016 J. St. George
et al.
Environment ENVR 3850  
 Vehicle Speed
2015 R. Chiminya
et al.
Environment ENVR 3850  
2015 J. Cheung
et al.
Environment ENVR 3850  
 Ped and
 Cycle Habits
2015 C. Kovachik
et al.
Environment ENVR 3850  
 Social Net
2015 B. Delaney
et al.
Environment ENVR 3850  
 Calling all
2015 M. Faure
et al.
Environment ENVR 3850  
2015 Z. Dai
et al.
Environment ENVR 3850
 Telecommuting 2016 O. Abbi
et al.
Environment ENVR 3850  
 The Virtual
2016 R. Bartel
et al.
Environment ENVR 3850  


Comm Development           Education 


           Energy                          Climate


          Inclusion                        Finance 


   Food and Agriculture           Health


     Indigenization                   Land Use


          Materials                         Policy


          Pollution                    Transportation    


            Waste                            Water