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The main objective of the bike unit is to provide a safe environment for all campus users including students, staff, faculty and visitors. The unit is highly visible and is a very effective method for crime prevention and law enforcement. The bike unit brings the officers and the community closer together; the officers are more approachable on bike versus patrolling by vehicle. Bike unit members can also perform their duties in a manner that is not possible with a patrol vehicle such as riding through crowded areas, around buildings and obstacles. Members can also approach criminal activity without being seen or heard and provide a quick response to calls for service. 


  • Legislation for regulating bicycle activity falls within the Provincial Highway Traffic Act.
  • Operators of bicycles are bound to the same laws as that of motor vehicles.


  • Parking Regulations - Section 2.25 Bicycles

Bicycles should be parked only in proper University bicycle racks. Parking and storing of bicycles inside any University building, or in any manner which may create a problem related to pedestrian safety, building access or maintenance is prohibited. Bicycles parked in such a fashion are subject to removal by the University and their owners may be subject to a fee or charge at rates established by the University, from time to time.


  • Wear a helmet and appropriate cycling safety equipment at all times.
  •  Be visible by wearing bright reflective clothing and by using headlights and a rear light or reflector, which is required by law during night riding.
  • Obey all traffic signals. 
  • Ride on the right side of the road. 
  • Shoulder check and signal before changing lanes or direction.
  • Be alert to the surrounding environment and any possible hazards.
  • Yield to crossing traffic when appropriate.
  • Position yourself at intersections depending on your intended direction beyond the intersection. 
  • Position yourself between intersections according to your speed relative to the rest of the traffic and the useable width of the road.
  • Always ensure your bicycle is in safe operating condition.


Prevention of bicycle theft (though these are not fool-proof methods but may help to deter a thief):

  • Invest in a high-quality, high-grade, heavy duty U-Lock or high-security padlock with a heavy duty, case hardened coated cable or chain. Look for locks that have "hardened" stamped on the shackle. Locks should have a 7/16 hardened alloy steel shackle. If a chain is being used try for as heavy as a chain as you can carry on your bike such as a 3/8" (or greater) alloy steel or a 9/32" (or greater) boron steel.
  • Lock the bicycle to a bike stand that is in a well-lit, highly populated area. Both wheels and the frame should be secured to the immovable bike stand. The seat should be secured or removed.
  • Consider engraving identification numbers on all metal parts of the bicycle. Be sure to properly seal engraved areas to prevent rust.  
  • Ensure that your bicycle is covered in your insurance policy.

The University of Manitoba first implemented the Uniformed Bicycle Patrol Unit in 1993. The unit originally consisted of three members including the first female bike officer in the City of Winnipeg. The development of the bike unit was instrumental in bringing community policing to the campus. Currently, the bike unit consists of six Security Guards. Members receive training in areas such as the Highway Traffic Act, road safety, cycling techniques, emergency maneuvers, tactical skills, suspect contacts, and nutrition and injury prevention. All members are provided riding safety equipment and can be identified by their reflective pants, shorts, jackets and cycling jerseys bearing the University of Manitoba Security Services shoulder flashes and epaulettes. 

Please report any damage, theft, suspicious activity, or criminal activity to Security Services immediately at the non-emergency line 474-9312 or the emergency line 555 (#555 on MTS or Roger's Wireless cellular phones) .


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