Organizational Chart

The head of the Security Services Department is the  Director, followed by the Assistant Director,  the Security and Office Manager and the Systems Administrator. These four positions are responsible for all operational, systems and administrative aspects of the department.  Reporting to the Assistant Director are 4 shift Supervisors, each responsible for their own crew of Security Guards.  Each crew varies in staff complement from 5-8 Security Guards.  The Security Guards on each crew are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of all members of the University community at the Fort Garry Campus. The Security and Office Manager is responsible for the daily operations of the Provincially Licenced Security Guards located at the Bannatyne Campus.

The Investigator is responsible for all investigative aspects of the department and liaises with many outside agencies such as the Winnipeg Police Service, R.C.M.P., and the Federal, Provincial and Municipal court systems.  The Investigator reports directly to the Director of Security Services.

The Fort Garry Campus Community Liaison Guard is responsible for the student patrol Safewalk Program, as well as being the liaison for many of the departments on campus. Duties include giving presentations to students and staff on campus safety and coordinating with the Director on many of the promotional aspects of the department.  The Community Liaison Guard reports directly to the Assistant Director.