Waste Prevention and Recycling Programs on Campus

Over the last 25 years, the University of Manitoba has worked to introduce new green practices to many aspects of building design and operations in an effort to reduce demand for resources. Part of this commitment is reducing the amount of waste the university campus produces. Reducing and eliminating waste helps minimize the impact the university has on the environment. There are several things you can do to prevent waste in your day-to-day life:

Lug-a-Mug: Bring a reusable coffee mug to any food service location to receive a discount on your beverage purchase. This not only saves you money, but reduces the amount of waste being sent to landfill. Paper coffee cups cannot be recycled, they must be thrown in the garbage.

Bring a Reusable Water Bottle: Water bottle filling stations are located throughout the campus. The water is filtered and cold making it the perfect alternative to purchasing a disposable bottle.

Use Reusable Bags: Swap out plastic bags for a reusable bag to carry lunches, books or for your shopping needs.

Use Reusable Dishware: Did you know that IQs (3rd Floor University Center); Degrees (3rd Floor University Center); Daily Bread Café (St. John’s College); Belltower Café (St. Paul’s College) and all Aramark locations provide discounts to clients who bring their own mugs? Check it out and keep more dollars in your pockets and help reduce waste on our campus.

Reduce Paper Use: When printing cannot be avoided, be sure to print on double-sided eco-logo paper. Reduce paper use during meeting by circulating electronic minutes, agendas and paper or set up a shared drive to share the information and encourage attendees to take view documents on an electronic device instead of printing.

Re-Shop: The Re-Shop is open for students, staff and faculty from both Fort Garry and Bannatyne campuses to browse through the inventory and take away what you can use.  A variety of file cabinets, desks and tables are always in stock at the Re-shop. Drop by and see what might be suitable for your office or living space or your Charity's needs.

Know Where to Throw: Using the appropriate disposal methods on campus helps reduce contamination in waste streams and also ensures campus waste is handled in the most environmentally friendly way. Click here to find out more about recycling and campus waste streams.

Have a waste reduction and prevention idea? Let us know wpo@umanitoba.ca

Campus Re-Shop