Consultant Safety Orientation

At the University of Manitoba, there are a variety of policies, procedures, and hazards that our external contractors and consultants are expected to be familiar with not only for their own safety and health, but the University as a whole. For our consultants, this can be achieved through our new consultant safety orientation, which is specifically designed to address policies, procedures, hazards, and legislative requirements specific to the scope of work consulting agencies perform on behalf of the University. This hour long orientation is a mandatory orientation, and must be renewed on an annual basis as a means of reviewing updates to policies and procedures.

To register for the consultant orientation, please use the registration form provided below. Registration can be submitted by e-mailing the form to . Please do not register by fax. The cut off time for registration will be at noon the day prior to the orientation. Registrations received after this time will not be accepted.

Consultant Registration Form

Below is the current listing of our Consultant Orientations.

Date Time Location
February 24/16 9:00 AM 170 Physical Plant
March 30/16 9:00 AM 170 Physical Plant
April 27/16 9:00 AM 170 Physical Plant
May 25/16 9:00 AM 170 Physical Plant
June 29/16 9:00 AM 170 Physical Plant
July 27/16 9:00 AM 170 Physical Plant