Contractor Safety - Site Safety Plan
The intent of the University of Manitoba Site Safety Plan is for contractors to identify potential hazards and risks which may be introduced to and negatively impact the University (population, operations, property, etc.) due to the nature of the project and work to be performed. From these identified hazards, the contractor is expected to develop a reasonably practicable plan to eliminate the hazards and associated risks to the University, or at a minimum, reduce the risks to a level acceptable by the University. The site safety plan is not intended to replace or modify a contractors existing health and safety program and its respective content; rather it  is to serve as a complement to what the contractor is required to have under the following:
  • Requirements under the Workplace Safety and Health Act and its regulations, Criminal Code, Fire Code, Building Code, or any other legislation,
  • Any contracts between the UM and the Contractor(s)

Contractors are to submit their University of Manitoba Site Safety Plan to the Project Coordinator prior to the commencement of work. Adequate time must be allocated to allow for review of the site safety plan. Physical Plant's Health and Safety Program may be consulted by the University's Project Coordinator to help ensure that reasonable plans have been developed based on the scope of work. As circumstances change, revisions to the site safety plan may be required. This revised copy must be submitted to the Project Coordinator for review before the modified scope of work takes place.

The University of Manitoba Site Safety Plan is available as both a fillable electronic PDF and hard copy PDF below. If there are any issues with the form, please contact .

Fillable electronic PDF

Hard copy PDF