Contractor Safety - Program Overview

Under the Workplace Safety and Health Act, individuals involved in construction projects have a variety of duties and responsibilities. These legislative requirements are anticipated to be met by external contractors and subcontractors who perform work on University of Manitoba property to keep their employees safe. As such, the University of Manitoba Contractor Safety Program is intended to familiarize contractors and subcontractors with University specific policies and procedures, and how they pertain to their specific scope of work. This is achieved through the mandatory Contractor Orientation, as well as project startup meetings. In addition, contractors are expected to identify any risks or liabilities introduced to the University through their intended work that could impact the University, its operations, or its population during their time on campus, and develop strategies to mitigate these potential hazards. Therefore, the Contractor Safety Program serves as a complement to a company's pre-existing safety program, including their policies and procedures.

The following elements form the foundation of the University’s Contractor Safety Program.

  • Contractors have a duty to protect the health and safety of their workers on their work site
  • Contractors have a duty to ensure that University faculty, staff, students, and visitors are not put at risk by their activities or any subcontractor’s activities while working on campus
  • The University is to ensure that their activities, facilities, and population do not put external contractors and their workers at risk
  • A Prime Contractor must be identified for any construction activities that comprise multiple employers. The Prime Contractor is responsible for the safety and health of everyone on the construction site, in addition to controlling the construction site
  • Prior to the start of work, contractors are required to submit a University of Manitoba Project Site Safety Plan using the template provided

If you have any questions concerning contractor safety please contact Physical Plant at 474-8911.