Asbestos Management - Standard Operating Procedures
A University of Manitoba Asbestos Work Permit is to be filled out and filed with the Physical Plant Health and Safety Department prior to the start of any work that:
  • Disturbs a material that has the potential to contain asbestos, and
  • Requires following one of the below Standard Operating Procedures

Accessing BMSB Interstitial Spaces

Accessing Ceiling Spaces

Asbestos Decontamination Procedures

Drilling holes in encased interstitial space BMSB

Drywall Removal

HEPA drilling 1 inch holes

HEPA drilling 2 inch holes

HVAC filter change out procedure

Removing asbestos ceiling tiles

Removing Asbestos fume hood lining

Using a HEPA vacuum

Working in a Kontrol Kube

Procedures for Type 1

Procedures for Type 2


Asbestos Abatement Specifications

 Asbestos abatements performed by external contractors