COR Champions
Physical Plant encompasses a large and diverse working environment. Therefore, for the success of a health and safety program that meets COR criteria, a group of worker volunteers referred to as COR Champions was established.The roles and responsiblities of the COR Champions can be found in the COR Champions Terms of Reference.

COR Champions consist of representatives from each work unit/department. To find the COR Champion for your area, please see the list below.

Work Unit Name
East Caretaking Zone  John Connolly/Darlene McEvoy
North Caretaking Zone  Susanne Beaudry
Central Caretaking Zone  Ron Hiebert
South Caretaking Zone  Bozana Szul
Residence Caretaking Zone  Stacey Downing
Active Living Zone Gina Moore
Bannatyne Caretaking Zone  Elaine Hill
Architectural Shop  Sean Buchanan
Plumbing Shop  Alistair Wilson
Electrical Shop  Willie Anseeuw
General Services Shop  Rochelle Mayer
Central Energy Plant Jim Martens
Bannatyne Trades  Vacant
Waste Prevention Ophelia Morris
Architectural and Engineering Services Kelly Thomas
Administrative Services Rebecca Loader

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