COR Audit
Employers that receive COR designation are required to undergo an external audit process every three years, with internal audits being performed in subsequent years.

Physical Plant has successfully completed their external audit from the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM), for the year of 2015, and received a score of 97%.

The letter of good standing for Physical Plant can be found here.

Audit Process

During the audit process, the health and safety program is evaluated on the following components:

1. Health & Safety Policy Statement (Corporate)

2. Hazard Assessment, Analysis, & Control

3. Safe Work Practices

4. Safe Job Procedures

5. Company Rules

6. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

7. Preventative Maintenance Program

8. Training & Communication

9. Inspections

10. Investigations & Reporting

11. Emergency Preparedness

12. Statistics & Records

13. Legislation

14. Manitoba Supplement

Combined, the above components make up Physical Plant's Safety and Training program, in addition to the Health and Safety Manual.