Custodial Services - Initiatives
Our multi-dimensional and environmentally-conscious system is woven into everything we do!

Here are some of the new initiatives and technologies we are bringing to the campus:


CIMS is a leading-edge solution that will be a key tool for our managers to maintain the campus.  The information generated by these solutions will provide us with the ability to make better decisions and run operations more efficiently.


The CARE Hotline (204-474-CARE) is a 24-hour service for faculty and students to access Custodial Services and to address any issues or concerns.


We want to know how we are doing.  We will hold customer satisfaction surveys twice a year to better understand the needs of the campuses.


We have added the position of Customer Service Coordinator, doubled the Custodial Services management team and added two Custodial Services zones.

Custodial Services employees are now dressed in practical and professional uniforms.  This helps to identify people on the Custodial Services team and complements the professionalism they bring to the job.


ec-H20 Logo

ec-H2O technology electrically converts water into a superior cleaning solution that better cleans, saves money, improves safety and reduces environmental impact compared to traditional cleaning chemicals and methods.


With an investment by ARAMARK, many new technologies are coming to the campus.  Astro-Turf® Scraper mats will be installed in high traffic areas.  We are the first in Manitoba to use this product, which is extremely durable and recyclable.

Dyson Airblade hand dryers will be installed in high traffic areas, such as University Centre and EITC.  These hand dryers have a 12-second dry time and are more cost-efficient.  Most importantly, they keep paper towels off of the floor and out of landfills.

As opposed to traditional floor cleaning methods - which are physically demanding and chemically induced - we have purchased BOOST® floor cleaning machines.  These machines use only water to strip floors and are much faster and easier to operate.


The University of Manitoba Custodial Services uses EcoLogo certified, biodegradable products dispensed through 250 new dilution control stations in the individual Caretaker Closets. All hand soap dispensers on both campuses also use an EcoLogo certified cleanser.

Newly installed towel dispensers are supplied with Green Seal certified paper towel, which reduce consumption by approximately 15 to 20%.

Custodial Services (the first to do so in Manitoba) introduced Astro-Turf® Scraper mats this year, which remove dirt and grit before it enters the building, thereby minimizing the use of unnecessary cleaning chemicals. The mats are incredibly durable and recyclable, keeping them out of landfills.

Dyson Airblade hand dryers have been installed in high-traffic areas in University Centre, Fletcher Argue and EITC, keeping paper towel off of the floor and out of landfills. A leading Massachusetts university-based research study concluded that the Dyson Airblade is better for the environment than any other method of drying hands.

A microfibre cleaning system continues to be implemented at both the Fort Garry and Bannatyne campuses, reducing the amount of overall chemicals required and reducing waste, since the cloths are reusable.

Custodial Services is now using BOOST® floor cleaning machines. These chemical-free machines also use up to 70% less water than traditional floor cleaning methods.

Activeion Pro handheld sprayers electrically convert water into a cleaning solution, eliminating 47 of today’s general-purpose chemicals used for daily cleaning of glass, hard surfaces, and carpets. This results in a safer environment for employees and visitors to campus. This methodology has been implemented in the Central Zone with plans of using it in the Student Residence Zone in September 2012.