Caretaking Services
The mission of Caretaking Services is to create and maintain an environment that is clean, safe, functional and pleasant.

We are committed to maintaining a healthy work, study and research space while striving to minimize our environmental footprint through the use of environmentally preferable products and materials.

Please see CARETAKING AND SUSTAINABILITY for more information.

Our employees provide a number of essential services at Fort Garry and Bannatyne campuses such as:

  • routine and specialized cleaning of University buildings
  • setup and take down services for convocations, exams and special functions events

Other key responsibilities include:

  • day to day operation of the Fort Gary campus swimming pool
  • ice-making
  • preventive maintenance and repairs of caretaking equipment
  • reporting of building maintenance deficiencies through the Physical Plant work order system
  • coordination of pest control services
  • assistance in sustainability initiatives
  • caretaking services for Max Bell Centre, the Investors Group Athletic Centre and University Stadium

Caretaking Services also has the responsibility of responding to emergencies (e.g. floods, spills etc, visual inspection of fire extinguishers, weekly inspection of emergency eyewash stations and inspection of emergency fire doors).

Fort Garry phone number 204-474-6281 

Bannatyne phone number 204-789-3636