Energy Management
Energy Management Initiative
The University is working with Manitoba Hydro to develop optimization opportunities through energy management. Manitoba Hydro has recently created a new program to provide funding and support for resources and activities that lead to sustained energy savings.  The incentives are $0.02/kWh power saved and $0.03/m3 natural gas saved and are on top of any other additional savings or funding available through other programs. The University will track energy optimization initiatives as part of existing Architecture and Engineering Services project management processes and ensure that we leverage all savings opportunities.

Central Energy Plant Re-servicing
A long term plan is being developed to re-service the Central Energy Plant to provide the Fort Garry Campus with a reliable and sustainable heating source for the next 50 years.  Options being studied are heating the campus with renewable natural gas from Brady landfill, locally sourced biomass, and campus wide energy conservation as alternatives to using natural gas. 

Chilled Water System Optimization
The chillers located in the Central Energy Plant are the largest electrical loads on campus.  Control optimization of the chillers and end-use in buildings throughout the campus will provide estimated annual energy savings of $110,000 per year.

Campus Metering Upgrades
Twenty-two Electricity meters are being upgraded in 10 facilities to improve accuracy and reliability. These meters are connected to a new IST virtual server that polls the meters for automated reading and long-term data logging.