Project Delivery Overview

Frequently Asked Questions


What is AES?
Architectural & Engineering Services is responsible for the management of all renovation and construction projects on the Fort Garry and Bannatyne campuses, as well as the satellite research stations. Our client group consists of faculties and departments within the UM community. We work closely with consultants and other stakeholders to ensure that all projects are well-managed from functional programming through to construction completion and occupancy by the client.

Is AES part of Operations & Maintenance (O&M) or Physical Plant?
AES and O&M both operate out of the Physical Plant building. Historically, the two groups composed the Physical Plant Department, but their unique specializations and process improvement initiatives have identified the need to distinguish the two entities over the last couple of years. Part of the Associate Vice-President (Admin) portfolio, the groups have their own Directors, but their goal is uniform: provide excellent client service to the UM community while maintaining and optimizing the physical resources of the University.

While AES manages capital expenditures and construction projects, O&M is responsible for the all work involving Trades, General Services, Caretaking Services, Mail Services, and the Central Energy Plant. More information regarding O&M can be found on their website.


How do I initiate a project with AES?
Get your project started by completing a New Project Request form. Please refer to the New Project Requests page.

What is the project process from start to finish?
Please refer to the Project Delivery Overview page for details.

What are my responsibilities as the Client during a project? What are the responsibilities of AES?
Please refer to the Roles & Responsibilities page for further details.

Which meetings am I expected to attend?
Your ability to commit to meetings, project input, and feedback will be required for the duration of the project. Your Project Lead will advise you which meetings you are required to attend, but please note that due to the nature of construction, you may be required to attend some ad hoc project meetings on short notice.

Who is my point of contact during a project? Can I contact the building contractor or the architect/engineer directly with questions?
The Project Lead is your key point of contact throughout the duration of your project. The PL is responsible for leading communications with you and all other stakeholders (i.e. consultants, contractors, etc.). Please refer to the Roles & Responsibilities page for further details.


When will I receive an estimate?
Your project is very important to the staff at AES. While we always endeavour to begin projects in an expeditious manner, our project backlog may prevent our team from addressing your project immediately. Please refer to the Timelines for Project Delivery page for further details.

How long will my project take to complete?
Each project has a unique scope and schedule, and is dependent upon other factors like weather. Your PL is responsible for creating and updating the project schedule and they will provide you with this information during the initial estimate. AES is working toward offering an online project portal where Clients are able to log in and view the progress of their projects.

How will I know if/when the project timeline changes?
Your PL will update the schedule and keep you informed of changes throughout the project, and will guide you through the requirements.

How will I know if the project budget changes?
Project budget is directly linked to the scope of work; if one changes, the other will follow suit. Your PL will consult you regarding any changes to your project, and may require further authorization from you regarding change orders, etc.