Roles & Responsibilities

Communication Track



AES' client group is composed of the UM faculties and departments. The client is a crucial member of the project delivery process - they must be involved in key decisions that will determine the quality of the final product. The client will be required to commit time to meetings and provide input/feedback for the duration of the project. They should direct all project-related communication to the Project Lead.


Project Lead

The Project Lead (PL) is the key point-of-contact for the client and AES management for the duration of the project. The PL monitors the Scope, Schedule and Budget of the project, and leads the project team. This individual is responsible for leading client communications, ensuring timely, professional and effective communication by all team members. They are require to ensure the documentation and construction meets or exceeds the requirements set by the AHJ and the UM. In addition, they are responsible for retaining services of the consultant team and monitoring their progress.


Project Manager

Within AES, the Project Manager (PM) typically holds a professional  designations in architecture, engineering, interior design, or landscape architecture. Their education and professional experience enables them to work synergistically with consultants on large, complex projects to achieve the goals of the client, while maintaining project scope, schedule, and budget as a Project Lead.


Project Coordinator

The Project Coordinator (PC) is responsible for support the Project Lead on projects, maintaining the flow of work, correctness of construction, and timeliness of project schedules. They provide regular progress updates to the PL, identifying and escalating site issues in order to mitigate negative impact on project scope, schedule, or budget.


Project Designer

Project Designers (PD) provide design services or support to Project Leads. They are responsible for design and documentation on minor or small capital projects. On larger projects, they provide discipline-specific technical support to the PL.



Design consultants are engaged by AES for larger projects, or on projects where in-house expertise or resources are unavailable. Consultant communication should travel through the PL to the project team and other stakeholders.