Physical Plant Maintenance Request

Thank you for visiting the Physical Plant Maintenance Request website. Please review the following instructions before proceeding to use the site linked at the bottom of the page.

This maintenance request website will allow you to submit a request for non-emergency maintenance work. The server will automatically provide feedback to you via an email if there are any changes in the status of the request (notifications levels can be set to receive fewer messages as desired). Meaning if the request is created into an open work order, cancelled, or eventually completed, you will get an automatic response generated from the Maintenance Request Server, indicating a change in status.

The intention is to provide an alternate method of requesting maintenance work, and increasing the communication back to the requester with regard to change in status.

The maintenance request site main page includes 4 options: Create a work request, check a prior work request - Simple, check a prior work request - Detail, and a General Help area. Each page will have a specific help page associated with it, providing details of the specific fields.

To create a new maintenance request simply click the link to that page and complete the form. (If you require information about a field, you may click the "help" link at the top of the page for a description of the fields.) There are required fields marked with an * so please provide those at minimum, to avoid an error message.

Please enter any information, that you don't find a specific field for, in the "Request Details" comment box. This would include a FOAP number if work is billable, or any specific instructions you wish to pass along to the work order desk.

After submitting the page by clicking "submit" at the bottom, if all information was entered correctly, you will be directed to a thank you message confirming your request was sent. After a few minutes you should receive an email (to the email address indicated on the request). This email will confirm the request submission and also provide you with a "Work Request ID". This is important to keep, as it will be the number used to check on your work request in the future.

After this step no further action is required, you will get automatic emails as the Physical Plant work order desk processes the request. (Please note that the "notifications" field defaults to "all", which means that you will receive all status change notifications. If you do not wish to receive all the automatic messages you can reduce the notifications to a desired level.)

If you would like to check on the status of a request you may do so by using the "Simple" or "Detail" check prior work request forms. If you have the work request ID and only want to check one request then it is easiest to use the "Simple" form. After you enter the work request ID and an email to send the response to, then the system will send you a summary of the current status.

If you do not know the work request number, or if you have submitted multiple requests, you can use the Detail check. This will allow you to filter through and receive a summary report on all work requests submitted by "Your Name", "Building", "Description", etc.

Maintenance Request System

Please direct any technical questions regarding the work request and messaging server to Ray Morin 474-6739 or email: