PMC2000 Check on Request Simple Help

Once you have created one or more work requests, you may search for them and receive updated status information emailed to you.  The simple form allows you to enter the Work Request ID you want information about. This ID is sent to the PMC2000 system which performs a search and emails the results to the email addresses specified.

If you don't have a Work Request ID, you should use the detail search page and search for requests based on the information you do know.

You may specify the following information on this form.

Your Name
You should enter your name in this field. This is important for the maintenance department, as they may need to contact you about your search.  

Your Email Address
Your email address where your search results should be emailed.  It also serves to limit your search results to those requested created from the same email address.  This is required and should be a valid email account.  

Work Request ID
Enter the work request ID for a prior submitted request.  This ID is assigned automatically by the PMC2000 system and emailed to the requester.  Depending on the notification level selected when the request was created, you may not have been sent this ID.  If you don't know the ID you can use the Check on Request Detail page to search for the request using information other than the ID.  Do not enter comparison symbols, such as =, >, <, <>, *, #, etc. This search is always "equals".

Maintenance Department ID
In order for the Maintenance Department to know which department to search, you need to enter a valid Maintenance Department ID.  This ID will be supplied to you by the maintenance department and should be entered exactly as specified.  If you don't enter a department, the default department will be searched.  Depending on how the maintenance department has configured the PMC2000 software this may not return the proper search results.

Press the Submit button to save your criteria and send your search to the maintenance department for processing.

The maintenance department will send you a reply email message with detail information about the work request ID specified.

Note: Data validation is not performed at the time you enter your search criteria. If you enter invalid information into a field, the reply email will either contain incorrect information or contain an error message. If this happens you can enter your correct search criteria and submit another search.

Press the Reset button to clear the form and start again.

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