Project Request
New Project Requests made to Architectural and Engineering Services are to be submitted on a Project Request Form; this updated form is to enable faster service by gathering more detailed project data up front, and keep the process electronic as much as possible through e-mail.

Work that falls under Project Requests could include any of the following:

    • Space Renovations (Finish Changes, Cabinets, Painting, etc.)
    • Floor Plan Alterations  (Door / Exit Changes; Modifying, removing or adding walls)
    • Structural Changes  (Adding large openings, compact storage or heavy equipment)
    • Mechanical Changes  (Plumbing, Ventilation or equipment connections, Mech. rooms)
    • Electrical Changes  (Lighting, Power, Fire alarm, New equipment or connections)
    • Voice / Data Terminals  (Network Connections for telephones, computers or equipment)
    • Audio Visual Equipment  (Classroom technology, Screens Projectors, Flat screens)
    • New Furnishings  (Furniture, Window coverings)
    • Interior Signage (Classrooms, Wayfinding)

If you are requiring maintenance work, please visit the Maintenance Request Page.

*Please be advised that as of February 15, 2019, only emails sent to will be accepted for project requests.