Requisition for New Work - Updated January 2016
Physical Plant … At Your Service  

Thank-you for visiting the Physical Plant Request for New Work page!

Here you will find the link to our updated Requisition for New Work.  Requests made on this form could include any of the following: 
    • Space Renovations (Finish Changes, Cabinets, Painting, etc.)
    • Floor Plan Alterations  (Door / Exit Changes; Modifying, removing or adding walls)
    • Structural Changes  (Adding large openings, compact storage or heavy equipment)
    • Mechanical Changes  (Plumbing, Ventilation or equipment connections, Mech. rooms)
    • Electrical Changes  (Lighting, Power, Fire alarm, New equipment or connections)
    • Voice / Data Terminals  (Network Connections for telephones, computers or equipment)
    • Audio Visual Equipment  (Classroom technology, Screens Projectors, Flat screens)
    • New Furnishings  (Furniture, Window coverings)
    • Interior Signage (Classrooms, Wayfinding)

 Requisition for New Work


Note:  If you are requesting work related to Maintenance or Repairs, please go here to the Maintenance Work Order form.

The Request for New Work Form has been updated to enable faster service.  It has been redesigned to gather more detailed project data up front, and eliminates the option to fax in requests.  The Physical Plant will now only receive completed Requisition for New Work via scanned attachment on email.