What to Bring


Here are some suggestions of items you may wish to consider bringing with you (in no rank order):

*Consider greening your shopping list by purchasing eco-conscious products.  Reduce waste by using resuable or second hand items whenever possible.

• Alarm clock
• Computer
• Camera
• Cell phone
• Desk lamp
• Stereo, radio
• DVD player, Game System
• Television
• Cards/board games
• Insurance information
• Leisure books, magazines

• Bathrobe
• Bath towels, face cloths
• Toiletries
• Tissues
• Toilet paper* (AVM & PHR)
• Bandages & basic medical supplies
• Sandals/flip-flops for shower
• Hairdryer, flat iron, etc.
• Fan
• Reusable shopping bags*
• Clothes hangers
• Iron
• Laundry soap, basket, fabric softener
• Clothes drying rack (small)
• School supplies (can be purchased at the UM Bookstore)


• Pillow/pillowcases
• Sheets
• Warm blankets
• Comforter
• Warm clothing
• Winter coat/raincoat
• Mittens/gloves/scarf/hat
• Winter boots
• Clothes for special occasions
• Sports equipment
• Sports clothing
• Bathing suit
• Dish soap*, dish rack, drain board
• Garbage bags
• Cleaning supplies*
• Dish towels and dish cloths
• Setting of dishes and cutlery
• Travel mugs/water bottles (non-glass)*
• Reusable container for take-out andleftovers   
• Refrigerator - 5 cubic feet or smaller (regular-sized fridge included in AVM)*
• Broom/dust pan (AVM & PHR)
• Cooking appliances
 (must have an enclosed heat source and be used in a kitchen or lounge) i.e., toaster, toaster oven, slow cooker, electric frying pan, electric wok, rice cooker

If you do not own these items or don't have room to bring them, don’t panic. You can decide which items you would like to have once you've settled into residence. Additional items can be purchased at a reasonable cost in stores near the University.

 Room Decorations

Students are more than welcome to decorate their room as they see fit.  However students are not allowed to :

  • Build lofts in their rooms
  • Bring large items (ex. full-size fridge)
  • Remove or alter and assigned furniture
  • Damage the walls or paint

Posters and Pictures

  • When hanging up posters and pictures please ensure you don't ruin the paint, or walls in your room
  • DO NOT use masking tape or packing tape when putting up posters
  • DO NOT hang up anything offensive on the outside of your windows or door
  • When hanging up pictures please use 3M 'Command' Adhesive products like the picture below




 Campus Linens Canada

You can now order from an online catalog for all your linen needs in residence. Your package will be delivered to your residence front desk waiting for your arrival. Watch for deadlines for free shipping. Please visit their website for more information and to browse their online shopping superstore.