Summer Storage
Storage times for move-out will be posted around residence in April. Storage tags are picked up from the Arthur Mauro Residence Office or the University College Residence Office. Make sure you fill out the tag with your name and room number. Remember to tear off the bottom portion so to be able to claim your storage upon return.

Please note that storage is reserved only for students staying in residence for the summer, or those who plan on returning to residence in the fall.

Arthur V. Mauro Residence:
Storage is to be taken to the basement level around the corner from the elevator and up the corridor to the right just past the washroom area. Follow the corridor until you come to where the storage area is and staff will be there to receive you.

Mary Speechly Hall:
Storage is to be taken to the basement level to Room B1 which is just left off the elevator.

Pembina Hall Residence:

University College Residence:
Storage to be taken to Room 102 in the basement of the college.

Have a Great Summer and see you in the Next Year!!