Move-In and Move-Out Parking/Loading

Move In Weekend Parking:


Please find below information regarding parking for Move In Weekend:

In terms of parking on MacLean Crescent on the Saturday of move in weekend, it can be summarized as follows:

1. Between Dafoe and Service Road 2S (back entrance of AVM ) on the west side sidewalk only
2. Between Service Road 2S and Freedman on the east side road and the west side sidewalk

Traffic on MacLean Crescent will be northbound only, i.e., no turning from Dafoe.

Students who receive parking tickets while they are in the process of unloading or loading their vehicles must appeal at Parking Services as per usual procedure. They cannot appeal their parking violation at the Student Residences office.


Please note the following parking enforcement arrangements for those students "MOVING TO/FROM" Residences - Arthur V. Mauro Residence, Mary Speechly Hall, Pembina Hall Residence, and University College Residence.

► Arthur V. Mauro Residence:

1) Vehicles will be allowed to access the loading zone on Dafoe Road (north of Dairy Science/Arthur Mauro)

2) Vehicles will be allowed to access the loading zone on the west side of Arthur Mauro (behind Arthur Mauro Residence in "F" lot).

3) Vehicles will utilize the Service Road 2S (immediate south of Arthur Mauro - park on north side, beside the building)

Mary Speechly Hall and Pembina Hall Residence:

1) On east side of MacLean Cres. (between Mary Speechly entrance and the corner of MacLean and Freedman Cres.) a temporary loading zone area will be designated for residence moving in. Signage will be installed.

2) Vehicles will not be allowed to STOP on ROADWAY of MacLean Cres. unless designated loading.

University College Residence:

1) Vehicles will be using loading areas of University College.

2) Students use Service Road 3N located in "B" lot (south of University College: Daycare drop off) for moving purposes. Please ensure that these vehicles are not blocking traffic or emergency vehicles.

3) Vehicles should not be parked on the sidewalk at University College.

MOVE-IN for Arthur V. Mauro, Mary Speechly Hall, & Pembina Hall Residence:

  • To accommodate residence MOVE-IN, MacLean Cres. will be closed on Saturday and Sunday from Dafoe Road to Service Road 1S (entrance to "D" lot).
  • Vehicles will access "D" and "F" lots off of Freedman Cres.
  • Volunteers will be accessible to provide assistance with traffic control for MOVE-IN only