Move-In and Move-Out

 ► An Important Notice: Parking During Move-In/Out

 ► Move-In 

Important things to know:

  • Early Move-In: Please complete the early arrival online form located on your Student Residence Portal.  This form is only available to students who have a confirmed reservation for the Fall or Winter Term.  Requests for early arrival are granted based on availability.  Unfortunately, not all requests can be granted.  Once this online form is submitted to us, you will be notified by e-mail when you will be able to move-in.
If your request for an early move-in is not granted click here for a list of hotels near the University of Manitoba.
  • Move-in for First-Time Residents: You can move in ON or AFTER the Saturday of Labour Day Weekend.
    • Mary Speechly Hall, Pembina Hall Residence and Arthur V. Mauro Residence students should check-in at Pembina Hall Student Lounge. 
    • University College Residence students should check-in at University College directly.
    • During move-in weekend there will be signs posted to guide you to your check-in site.
    • All check-ins after 5:00pm must check-in at Arthur V. Mauro Residence.
  • Move-in for Returners: You can move in ON or AFTER the Sunday of Labour Day Weekend. (See information above as to where to check-in).
  • All Students: If you will be moving in later than the Thursday after Labour Day, please email your arrival date and time to:
  • Parking Passes: Please bring your vehicle registration with you when you check in if you are picking up a parking pass.
  • Residence Orientation: Please link here for more information.
  • Room Inspection:  Please link here for more information.
  • Maps: Move-in loading zone (partial)          Move-in loading zone map       
  • Before your arrival, please be sure to read through the information about Accepted Residents to find out information on our offices, mailing addresses, security shifts, what to bring, etc.
  • Residence Fee Payments: The balance of first term residence fees is due the first week of October after September move-in.  Click here for the  Detailed residence fee payment schedule.
    • Please note that all payments must be made at or mailed to the Arthur Mauro Residence Office and that we cannot accept credit card payments from students for this payment unless they have official International Student status.
    • We also can NOT accept post-dated cheques, internet banking payments, or bank wire transfers.
  • Laundry Cards: Laundry cards can be purchased and loaded at the Laundroworks machine located in Arthur V. Mauro, Pembina Hall Residence, and University College Residences.  Minimum purchase is $10 and in $5 increments.  No cash is accepted at these machines and unused funds on the card are non-refundable.  Lost, stolen or defective cards should be reported to the Residence Office.
  • Residence Withdrawal: Your residence contract is for the full academic year until April of the following year. If you will be moving out of residence at the end of first term in December, be sure to complete the online form  located in the Student Residence Portal.  

For more information, see Residence Contract 2019/20, 1.8.  Withdrawl from Residence (after moving in).

 ► Move-Out 

  • Students are required to move out of residence 24 hours after their last exam and return keys to the Residence Office at that time.  In March, our office will notify you by e-mail to complete an online form, which will be made available to you on your Student Residence Portal.  All students are required to complete the form, regardless if you are staying in Residences for the Summer.  For more information, see Residence Contract 2019/20, 1.3 Occupancy Term Dates.
  • Residence Team Members will pass key all rooms and perform Room Condition checks upon move-out.
  • Students may be charged additional fees for each day that they have not returned their keys after their move-out date.
  • Make sure your residence account is paid in full prior to leaving.
  • Before you return your keys - check to see you have no mail.
  • Update your address in your Residence Account through the Residence Portal.  This will ensure that many mail received within 30 days of your departure will be forwarded. After 30 days, mail will be returned to sender.
  • When you move out, the condition of the room must be the same as when you moved in. Additional charges will result if the room is left dirty or items are missing or damaged.

Summer Storage Rooms

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Have a Great Summer and see you in the Next Year!!