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Arthur V. Mauro Residence has five accessibility suites that feature larger doorways, lowered counter tops, and customized washrooms/showers. We also offer "tub rooms" on every floor for more manageable bathing. While there are ramps leading up to all of our residences, only Pembina Hall and Arthur V. Mauro Residences have automatic doors. Student Residences has also been able to accommodate students with hearing and sight impairments. If you are interested in living in residence but require an accessibility suite, apply as soon as possible (you don't have to be admitted into the University to apply for residence) and send an email to with a general explanation of what you require.

Advance Cancellation Policy
Students who make a total advance down payment of $1,000 but submit written notice of cancellation by the Advance Cancellation Deadline will be eligible to receive a $450 refund. Students who do not cancel in writing and do not move in will be considered a “no-show” and will be responsible for first semester residence and meal plan fees (see Dates & Deadlines).

Alcohol is permitted in accordance with the Provincial Liquor Law and the University's Campus Alcohol Policy. Students who drink must do so in a safe and responsible manner.

Appliances and Cooking
Cooking appliances may be used in Residence, as long as they have an enclosed heat source and are used only in a kitchen or lounge. Examples of allowable appliances include: toaster, toaster oven, slow cooker, electric frying pan, electric wok, or rice cooker, etc. HOT PLATES and DEEP FRYERS ARE PROHIBITED.

Applications to Live in Residence
Apply early as space is limited. You do not have to wait until you have been accepted to the University of Manitoba. There is a non-refundable Application Fee. Information about the different residence buildings can be found at the Buildings & Rooms link.


Please see ► Washrooms

Residence students need to supply their own bed linens, towels, and related items and Campus Linens of Canada is uniquely situated to supply these to University of Manitoba residents. In consultation with the Residence Office, Campus Linens of Canada has developed a program to make it easy for you to get the appropriate supplies for residence. For your convenience, we will ship your order directly to the University of Manitoba residence office, and residence staff will place your bed linens and bathroom package addressed to you at the Residence Office prior to your arrival. This eliminates the need for you to shop for, pack, and arrange to transport these items to your residence. It also eliminates any possible confusion about sheet sizes, as ours are guaranteed to fit the beds in the U of Manitoba residences. We also guarantee your satisfaction with the products we supply for the full school year. You may place your order online or via phone (416-892-4583) or e-mail <>.

If you are going to provide your own bedding (flat sheets are best, as most beds are extra long and contour sheets may not fit). International students may request bedding upon arrival, if required, but should buy a warm comforter before winter.

Beds - Mattress sizes

  • Arthur V. Mauro Residence: double at 54" wide x 80" long
  • Mary Speechly Hall: single at 36" wide x 80" long
  • Pembina Hall Residence: single at 36" wide x 80" long
  • University College Residence: single at 33" wide x 80" long

A bicycle storage room is available in the Arthur V. Mauro Residence, while University College Residence has a bike rack. Bicycles cannot be stored in Residence rooms. A Bike Room key is available at the Residence Office at a cost of $5 (refundable upon return of the key with receipt). The University regrets it cannot be responsible for lost or stolen bicycles. Students are advised to lock bicycles to secure, stationary objects at all times.

Bus Travel
Winnipeg Transit is a relatively easy way to get around. The main bus stops on campus are located across from Taché Hall and at the corner of Dysart Road and University Crescent.

Some important routes are:

  • 60 - Pembina runs between the University and downtown (5 minute bus ride to a strip mall at Bishop Grandin and Pembina Hwy. with Dollorama, Staples, Future Shop, etc.)
  • 61 - Pembina Super Express follows the regular "60" route, but does not stop at all between campus and Osborne St.
  • 75 - Crosstown East runs from the University to St. Vital Shopping Centre and then on to Kildonan Place and back. (10 minute bus ride to St. Vital SC - Walmart, The Bay, Sears, Chapters, etc.)
  • 62 - Richmond “University/Downtown” runs from the University, through Fort Richmond, then downtown.  (10 minute bus ride to Zellers, Safeway, Perths, etc.)
  • 78 - Crosstown West runs between the University and Polo Park on weekdays. (35-40 minute bus ride to largest shopping centre in Winnipeg)
  • 36 - Northwest Super Express from the University to the Maples takes you north with few stops. (15-20 minute bus ride to Corydon Avenue at the western end of little Italy and a 25-30 minute bus ride to the Bannatyne campus and the Health Sciences Centre)

Tickets and student monthly passes are available at the Answers Booth in University Centre. When you pay your fare, ask for a transfer that lets you change buses without paying a second fare, as often as you want within an hour.

If you know the 5-digit number for your stop (listed on the sign and in the Yellow Pages), you can call Telebus (204-287-RIDE) to find out when your bus will arrive. If you don’t know the stop number, you can call Transit Information at 204-986-5700, and tell them the location of the stop. Bus Schedules are also available on the Winnipeg Transit Website,

Also see ► Grocery Run for a shuttle bus ride to the SuperStore on Bison Drive.


Calling Cards
One of the concerns of living in residence is unsolicited or unauthorized entry into your room/suite. We are sensitive to and take proper precautions before entering into rooms, and in almost all cases, provide at least 24-hours notice of entry. Nevertheless, we would like to take an additional step in terms of communication with residents when it comes to room entry by having all U of M staff, e.g., Physical Plant, caretakers, IT staff, etc., leave a "Calling Card" when they have to enter a room without the student being present.

Campus Linens of Canada
Residence students need to supply their own bed linens, towels, and related items and Campus Linens of Canada is uniquely situated to supply these to University of Manitoba residents. In consultation with the Residence Office, Campus Linens of Canada has developed a program to make it easy for you to get the appropriate supplies for residence. For your convenience, we will ship your order directly to the University of Manitoba residence office, and residence staff will place your bed linens and bathroom package addressed to you at the Residence Office prior to your arrival. This eliminates the need for you to shop for, pack, and arrange to transport these items to your residence. It also eliminates any possible confusion about sheet sizes, as ours are guaranteed to fit the beds in the U of Manitoba residences. We also guarantee your satisfaction with the products we supply for the full school year. You may place your order online or via phone (416-892-4583) or e-mail <>.

Candles and Incense
The use of candles in Residence is not permitted. The burning of incense and Sweetgrass is not permitted in any room unless written permission is given by the Assistant Director, Residence Life and is for religious purposes only.

Each resident is responsible for keeping their room/suite in a neat and sanitary condition. Vacuum cleaners are available from the RAs. The shared areas of Residence—hallways, lounges, and public areas—are considered to be the joint responsibility of all residents. Each student is expected to do his or her share to keep these areas neat and tidy for residents and their visitors alike.

Cost of Living in Residence
The cost varies depending on the type of room and the meal plan selected. A current fee schedule is available on the Fees & Payment Schedules link or through the Residence Office.

There is no curfew, but all residents are expected to observe Community Standards to ensure that others are permitted reasonable peace and quiet, and to respect established Quiet Hours.


Declining Balance Dollars
Please see ► FoodBucks

Residents may personalize their rooms with posters, plants, additional lighting, or any other fixtures they may wish to bring. See more information on the What to Bring... page.

However students may not:

  1. Mount any poster on the outside of the door to their room or facing the outside on the window of their room, that is sexist, racist, or otherwise offensive (as determined by the Director);
  2. Remove, move, or alter assigned furniture;
  3. Bring common area (lounges, kitchens, etc.) furniture or fixtures into their rooms;
  4. Damage walls or paint.

The following products can be purchased at most hardware or department stores.

  • Magic-Mounts: A double-sided adhesive mounting square which can easily be removed from walls, doors and other painted surfaces without damaging the paint.
  • 3M 'Command' Adhesive products: Mounting hooks of various sizes with a special adhesive, which can be removed from the wall without leaving damage/residue (please follow the directions exactly). The hooks are reusable with the purchase of addition adhesives strips. 3M products can be purchased at bookstores, hardware and department stores.
  • Poster Putty: Reusable adhesive putty available at most department stores (various brand names).

Note: This is not an endorsement by the University as to the efficacy of any of these products and students are encouraged to read and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

You do not have to send a deposit when you apply for Residence, but there is a non-refundable Application Fee required. More information about fees can be found on the Fees & Payment Schedules link.


Residence is restricted to full-time students of the University of Manitoba. A student’s residence account must be in good standing and all students on probation in the residence will have their eligibility to return reviewed. Due to the large number of applicants to Residence each year, it is often not possible to accommodate everyone.


Fire Safety
All occupants of the residence buildings must evacuate when a fire alarm sounds and must not return until the alarm is off or the fire department indicates it is safe to do so. Failure to comply with fire evacuation policy will result in disciplinary action.

Please see ► Meal Plans. Arthur V. Mauro Residence does not require a meal plan and students can cook meals in their suites (fridge and microwave provided). All other residences have a manditory meal plan included in the Residence Fees, although students can bring in their own microwaves and small bar fridges for light snack preparation and food storage.

FoodBucks (Declining Balance Dollars)
Depending on the Meal Membership Plan, either $125 or $500 in Bonus FoodBucks (Declining Balance Dollars) will be included and can be used throughout campus at other specified Food Services locations, including: Tim Hortons, Subway, and Starbucks to name a few. The University College Residence Meal Plan is a FoodBucks Meal Membership Plan and can be used at the Pembina Hall Dining Room.

Please ensure your room has the required furniture.

  • An Arthur V. Mauro bedroom will include one double-sized bed, desk and chair, wardrobe, dresser/TV stand and telephone.
  • The Mary Speechly bedrooms contain one extra-long single bed, desk and chair, bookshelf, wardrobe or closet and drawers.
  • The Pembina Hall Residence will include a single bed (adjustable height), 3 stackable storage drawers, a bookcase, a desk, and under-desk filing cabinet/drawer set, chair, and a storage drawer with padded seat.
  • In University College Residence rooms, you'll find a an extra-long single bed, desk and desk chair, bookshelf, and arm chair.

All rooms should include a wastebasket and recycle bin.


Garbage and Recycling
All garbage and recyclable materials must be removed from your room/suite on a regular basis and discarded in the Garbage/Recycling Room located on each floor. The Waste Prevention Office has kindly provided the recycling bins in each residence room and are the property of the University of Manitoba and are to remain in your room after you move out.

Getting Around Campus
The University of Manitoba offers a free shuttle bus that circles the entire Fort Garry Campus, Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM. There is also an Express Transit bus (No. 36 Northwest Super Express Route) between the Fort Garry and Bannatyne Campuses. Please visit for more info.

Guest Policy
Residents are expected to assume responsibility for the actions of their guests and will be held accountable for a guest’s violation of Community Standards. Rooms are contracted to residents for their private use only.

It is expected that guests will not stay more than two consecutive nights for a total of seven nights over an academic term. In double rooms, guests are only permitted with the consent of the roommate.

See the Residence Contract for the full policy.


Handicap Accessibility
Please see ► Accessibility

Holiday Break Shut-Down
As long as you will be living in residence for the January to April semester, you can stay in residence during the holiday break, but you must let the Residence Office know in advance. There will be no food service available during the U of M shut-down.


While the University makes every effort to ensure the safety and security of all residents and their belongings, it cannot be responsible for personal effects. Residents are advised to carry All-Perils Insurance Coverage for their belongings.

You should contact your family insurance agent to determine if you are covered under your parents' home insurance and if so, for what amount. You should also determine if additional insurance is required for more expensive items such as a camera, TV, stereo, computer, jewelry, etc.

Questions to ask your insurance agent:

  • Am I covered under my parents' policy while I am away at school?
  • For what amount?
  • Are there any restrictions?
  • Should I have additional coverage for any valuable items

Residents are responsible for reporting any thefts to the police. In order to have theft covered by insurance, there has to be evidence of forced entry (i.e., if you forget to lock your door and something is taken, your loss might not be covered.)

Insurance Opt Out Form

All Residence rooms offer high-speed Internet access. As of January 2014, IST wireless has been installed and running in AVM. Wireless on routers and/or printers must be disabled because it conflicts with the building’s Wi-Fi and will likely cause slow and/or unstable Internet access for others.

If you have any difficulties connecting your computer, the department of Student Residences is pleased to offer Residence Technical Support. To contact the Residence Internet Help Desk, please call 204-474-8570 or visit the IT Support link for other options.



Upon arrival, you will receive a key to your room. Room numbers cannot be confirmed until that time. Each student is issued one set of keys. These include an entrance key, a room key, and a mailbox key. Students may not exchange their keys with anyone else.

If you are living in Arthur V. Mauro, please be sure not to lock the deadbolt on the inside of your suite door at any time, unless both you and your suitemate are inside the suite.


Laundry cards can be purchased and loaded at the Laundroworks machine located in Arthur V. Mauro, Pembina Hall, and University College Residences.  Minimum purchase is $10 and in $5 increments.  No cash is accepted at these machines and unsed funds on the card are non-refundable.  Lost, stolen, or defective cards should be reported to the Residence Office.

Please see ► Bedding for more information.

Local Transportation
More than 10 different Winnipeg Transit routes stop to the north side of Taché Hall, so it’s easy to get to virtually any location in the city. Visit for route and schedule information. And if you’re in a real rush or need a more direct route, there is a taxi stand in front of the Arthur V. Mauro Residence.

Lost and Found
Please visit your Residence Office if you have lost or found an item.


Please see the Offices and Mail link for information.

Meal Plans
A meal plan is mandatory in Mary Speechly Hall, Pembina Hall Residence, and University College Residence. If you live in Arthur V. Mauro Residence, a meal plan is optional. To find out more, please visit the following Meal Plan link.

Move-In and Move-Out
Please see the Move-In and Move-Out link for information.




Residence occupancy corresponds to the regular academic year, beginning in September and ending in April. Summer leases are also available from early May until mid-August.

Office Hours
There are three Student Residence Offices. Please see the Offices and Mail link for more information.

Overnight Guests
Please see ► Guests Policy


Parking Passes will be available at the Residence when you move in. All students who have applied for parking will have to produce vehicle registration in their name or the name of a parent in order to have the Residence Office release the Parking Pass. No other vehicle registration can be accepted.

  • Arthur Mauro residents park in F Lot
  • Pembina Hall Residence and Mary Speechly Hall residents use D and R Lots
  • University College Residence students use L Lot

Visitor Parking is available in select lots and locations. Please consult a Campus Parking Map or contact Parking and Shuttle Services in the Welcome Centre at 423 University Crescent. Phone 204-474-9483 for more information.

General Parking around campus is free after 4:30 PM, as well as weekends and holidays. This does not include areas designated as 24 Hour Reserved, Accessible, the Parkade, or other restricted areas. Fines are levied for parking violations.

Payment Dates
The payment schedule is $1,000 by the end of June, balance of first term fees by mid September, and all of second term fees by mid January. Please see the Dates and Deadlines page for the exact payment dates. A late fee will be charged for late payments.

Payment Methods
Credit card payments for room and meals are accepted from International students only. All other students may pay using debit cards, cash, or cheques. For more information, see Fees and Payment Schedules.

No pets of any order, genus, or species are permitted in the Residences.




Each suite in the Arthur V. Mauro Residence includes a refrigerator. Residents staying in Mary Speechly Hall, Pembina Hall Residence, and University College Residence are welcome to bring their own fridge, but it cannot exceed 5 cubic feet. Personal refrigerators cannot be stored over the summer. The department of Student Residences does not rent or lease refrigerators.

Students living alone in a double room or two-bedroom suite may have a new roommate moving in at any time. The Residence Office staff will try to give you advance notice of when a new roommate will arrive, but this is not always possible. Those students living alone in a double room should make sure that their belongings are not taking up the whole room and that there is room on the second bed and in the closet and cabinet for a new roommate’s belongings. For those students in the Arthur V. Mauro Residence, please ensure that there is room in the kitchen and washroom areas for a new suitemate’s belongings and that you do not use the second bedroom in your suite. If you or your guests go into the vacant bedroom and it needs to be re-cleaned or there are missing items or phone calls made, you will be charged. Also please be sure not to lock the deadbolt on the inside of your suite door at any time, unless both you and your suitemate are inside the suite.

Room Sizes
Room sizes vary considerably. The standard room is about 15 square metres or 120 square feet. Please see specific rooms sizes on the Buildings and Rooms link ... just click on one of the buildings to see the information.


Residence Security staff are on duty every night from 9:00 PM to 5:00 AM to enforce Community Standards and to ensure general safety and security of residents and the residence complex, as well as being available for emergencies. Please see the following Security link for more information on where to call in an emergency and regular security cell phone numbers.

The University is governed by the Clean Indoor Air Policy which prohibits smoking of any substance in any building owned or operated by the University. SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED IN ANY AREA OF RESIDENCE INCLUDING THE BALCONIES AND COURTYARDS. Penalties may be assessed if a student violates this policy.

Residence students may store up to four items of reasonable size (up to 5 cubic feet per item) during the regular session. These items must be removed from storage upon check out, unless the student has contracted for summer accommodations, or summer storage fees have been paid. Returning residence students who wish to store these items or additional items over the summer may do so according to the following fee schedule:

  • Small storage space (approx. 4 ft. x5 ft. x2 ft.): $60.00
  • Large storage space (approx. 4 ft. x5 ft. x8 ft.): $100.00

Summer storage fees will not be prorated for portions of the summer period. The summer period is defined as the student’s check out date at the end of regular session until the subsequent fall move-in date. Only students with an active application for the subsequent fall term may utilize this service.

Unclaimed storage will be considered abandoned 60 days after check out. This applies to students who have not paid for summer storage, or to those who have paid, but do not live in residence in the fall. After 60 days the office will dispose of or donate all unclaimed stored belongings. The University is not responsible for any property accepted into storage

Student Loans, Bursaries, Scholarships
If your funds from a student loan, bursary, or scholarship have not arrived by the payment deadline, you must apply for a deferral through the Arthur V. Mauro Residence Office with documentation. Fees must be paid as soon as the funds are processed. Please see Fees and Payment Schedules for more information.

Summer Accommodations
From May through mid-August, rooms and suites are available for short or long-term rentals. Be sure to apply early as rooms fill up quickly. More information can be found on the Monthly Leases link.


There are serveral taxi companies listed in the Winnipeg phone book. Here are a few numbers:

Every residence room is equipped with a telephone jack. Residents can contract for telephone service with a local telephone service provider. They will bill students directly for all personal telephone charges (remember to disconnect your telephone and notify the phone company of your forwarding address when you move out). A Long Distance Plan can be contracted from any provider. Pay phones or curtesy phones are available in the residences.

Personal Calls - The Residence Office is not equipped to redirect personal calls through a switchboard and cannot, under any circumstances, provide callers with any information regarding residents. Residents are advised to provide their family and friends with their new telephone number as soon as possible. However, emergency phone messages will be relayed through the Residence Office.

All residence lounges have televisions and are equipped with Cable TV service. Students in Mary Speechly Hall, Pembina Hall Residence, and Arthur V. Mauro Residence can subscribe to Cable TV service in their own rooms at their own expense. Please see the IT Support link for more information on providers for each building.

Tours of Residence
You can call our office at 204-474-9922 to arrange a tour. We try our best to accommodate your schedule; however, we require at least 24 hours in advance to make those arrangements.




Visa (Study)
If your student study visa was denied and you paid your down-payment, please see our cancellation policy for more information. Cancellation Policy


The Arthur V. Mauro Residence has a private washroom in each suite, complete with shower, which both suitemates share. The Pembina Hall Residence has a private washroom in each room. Mary Speechly Hall and University College Residence do not have washrooms in the rooms, but there are male and female washrooms on each floor. We also offer "tub rooms" on some floors in each residence.

Winnipeg Transit
Please see ► Bus Travel

Winter Holiday Break
During the December Holiday Break, we require all students to declare their intentions to stay during the break.  Around mid-November, our office will notify you by e-mail when this form is available on the Student Residence Portal.

Withdrawal Policy
In order to withdraw from Residences, students are required to complete an online form.  For more information, see Residence Contract 2017/18, 1.7 Withdrawal from Residence (after moving in).




Year End/Staying On
While all residences are to be vacated at the end of the exam period in April, students who wish to remain in Residence during the summer must apply early for Summer Accommodations. Please see the Monthly Leases link for more information.



AVM Accessability Suites

AVM Bedroom Doors

AVM wider bedroom doors
 AVM Kitchenette
AVM kitchenette with lower counters

AVM Bedroom

AVM bedroom with more floor space

AVM Bathroom

AVM bathroom with safety bars and shower seat




























Calling Cards

Calling Card front

Front of Calling Card

Calling Card back

Back of Calling Card