Dates and Deadlines
Accommodation for each year is from the student's move-in date to 24 hours after the student's final exam in April or the last day of exams, whichever comes first. Students wishing to cancel their Residence Contract should log back into the Student Residences' Portal by the deadline indicated below.  If the Residence Withdrawal Form is not received, you will be charged for all of the Second Term fees.  Fore more information on withdrawing or cancelling from Residences please see the Student Residence Contract.

2017/18 Contract 

Deadlines and dates subject to change - check back frequently for updates.

Deadline/Event - Deadlines and dates subject to change - please check back frequently for updates.
July 1
Canada Day • No Classes
July 15
DEADLINE: Cancellation to be eligible for partial refund of down payment ($450 in most cases)
August 1
DEADLINE: Residence Early Move-In Application/Contract form
August 6

Civic Holiday • No Classes
August 15
Move-out date for summer students who do not have a room reserved for Fall 2017
August 21
DEADLINE: International students must provide notification if Student Visa is not yet approved (See
August 21
DEADLINE: Cancellation of 2017/18 application to avoid being charged full Fall semester fees
September 2

9:00 am - New Students Move-In
September 3

9:00 am - Returning Students Move-In
10:00 am - New Residents Orientation
10:00 am - Residents' Parents Orientation
September 4

Labour Day • No Classes
September 5

Residence Night at the BookStore
September 5-6

U of M Orientation Sessions
September 7

First Day of Classes for Most Faculties/Schools
September 15
DEADLINE: Meal Plan Changes
September 20

DEADLINE: Term 1 Residence Payments
 October 5-6

Fall Term Break • No Classes
October 9

Thanksgiving Day • No Classes
October 26
DEADLINE: Term 2 Residence Voluntary Withdrawal


November 13

Remembrance Day Observed. No Classes

December 8

Fall term (continuing classes) last day of classes

December 21
Last day for Fall 2017 Meal Membership
December 22 - January  1

Holiday Period (University Closed)
Deadline/Event - Deadlines and dates subject to change - please check back frequently for updates.
January 2

First day of January 2017 Meal Membership
January 2

Winter Term New Residents Move-In *

January 2

U of M New Students' Orientation (Daytime)
January 3

January 3

Winter Term New Residents' Orientation (Evening)

Winter Term starts in most Faculties / Schools

January 16  

DEADLINE: Winter Term Residence Payment
January 17

DEADLINE: Meal Plan Changes
February 7-8

RA Information Sessions
February 8
Returning Residence Students’ Applications Accepted
February 9

RA Applications Available
February 16
8:00 pm - Pembina Hall Dining Room Closes
February 19

Louis Riel Day • No Classes
February 20-23

Reading Week • No Classes
February 25
11:00 am - Pembina Hall Dining Hall Opens
February 26
DEADLINE: RA Applications
February 28
DEADLINE: Returning Residents' Lottery Applications
March 1
Summer Lease Applications Accepted
March 2-4

RA Hiring Weekend
March 23

DEADLINE: Move-out Confirmation
March 30

Good Friday • No Classes
April 6                            
DEADLINE: Returning Residents  Down Payment for Fall
April 6

Winter Term Last Day of Classes
April 9-23                     Winter Term Exam Period
April 20
Default Move-Out Date
April 24

Last Day for Meal Memberships 1:30 pm - Pembina Hall Dining Hall Closes
1:30 pm - Pembina Hall Dining Hall Closes
 May 1
   DEADLINE: Cancellation of 2017/18 Returning Residents' Applications
 May 1
  Summer Move-In